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Slinger App To Wow Vertical Video Lovers on Freepps Top Blog

Which side do you belong to - lovers or haters of vertical video recording? If you’re not aware, there’s a whole conflict between these two groups with slogans like “Say No to Vertical Videos!”, “Do This The Right Way!”, and so on. However, over the past year, people have become more loyal towards the videos in portrait orientation, thanks to Periscope in particular. Moreover, a couple of days ago, a new mobile app fully dedicated to vertical video files has been released for iOS devices.

Slinger’s Feature Diversity

Key Features

In case you’re fond of creating Snapchat stories but your mobile device isn’t designed for storing such a huge number of them and you can’t say goodbye to your masterpieces even in 24 hours, the new Slinger app will be especially helpful with the solution it offers. Within Slinger, one can upload video files and share them, watch and like other users’ videos, follow their creators, and find out the most popular of vertical videos in the whole world. It’s a so-called “YouTube” for portrait-oriented videos only, which are believed by a part of users to be more emotional, personal, and natural than the landscape-oriented ones.

Slinger iOS App Availability

Why Do We Need It?

This idea is a good one for all those who would like to archive their Snapchat stories for history. Besides, Slinger gives a chance to show oneself and even become popular among worldwide users not just a couple of friends following you on Snapchat. What is more, there’s no need to save all the stories as some of them were initially aimed to live only one day and  then be forgotten. Perhaps, it’s one of the reasons why Slinger won’t replace Snapchat but only complement it. 

Availability and Final Notes

Slinger is currently available for iOS 8+ users. It’s absolutely free of charge and weights about 40MB. So, if you believe that you spend too much time and efforts for creating the content and don’t want to lose it, as well as you hate rotating a phone for filming, just install this app on your smartphone and you’ll have a chance to keep it for your followers forever. Though, bear in mind that it’s only a storage or a gallery and not a full-featured service with editing tools.

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    I do not know about you , I 'm going to use this application a very long time . It radiates an attraction in general from him I madness
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    Thanks! It's good way to save some phone memory. In addition this app has a nice intuitive interface.
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