Smart Merge Pro For iOS Available For Free

Smart Merge Pro For iOS Available For Free on Freepps Top Blog

Of course, iOS has a great phone book, but there’s one feature missing. The built-in phonebook needs an external manager to keep your contacts in order and kill duplicates.

They can hide under different names, surnames or nicks, so it’s not easy to merge the same instances of the same contact.

Smart Merge appMerge Duplicates

Smart Merge Pro to the rescue! This app is an advanced contact editor that can help you keep the phonebook of your iPhone in order. It can merge contacts with identical corresponding fields, remove empty records, backup you whole phonebook. It’s made much easier to use than the system contacts manager.

Usually, Smart Merge Pro is commercial, but we have a deal now. The app is available for free until April 13, 2016.

Have you already tried the app? Share your experience in the comments!

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