Snapchat For Android Reviewed: Make Your Life Colorful

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According to the statistics, almost every person living in a developed country takes at least one photo a day as modern mobile devices provide us with such opportunity. A great part of them also share these pictures with others via emails, messages, or social networks. Moreover, over a hundred million people worldwide use the Snapchat app for Android smartphones to make their pics unique and cool. 

Not A Very Quick Start

When we are interested in installing any app, we hope that it will be fulfilled almost instantly. But it’s not about Snapchat with these starting steps:

  1. Download and install the app.
  2. Create an account, entering email, password, and your birthday. 
  3. Verify your account via confirmation code.
  4. Choose a suitable username which can’t be changed later.
  5. Make a list of friends - it may be synchronized with your device’s contact list; separate contacts may be blocked any time later.
  6. Take a profile selfie (optional).


Registration Process



First of all, it should be noted that users share not ordinary photos within this app, but snaps – pictures or short videos which are visible up to 10 seconds maximum, and the user may set this time limit. Then these images just disappear forever, unless an addressee manages to capture them by making a screenshot - always remember of such an opportunity before sending a provocative photo of yourselves. So, Snapchat is oriented on a real-time and immediate photo sharing. 

Tapping on a screen allows to create a photo while holding activates video recording. You may add some text, up to 40 characters, a sticker, or a handwritten drawing as well as apply one of the filters available by swiping left or right to your quick snap. The app will require your Location Services to be enabled if you want to have active filters.

Creating a Unique Snap



Aside from the regular static filters, you may try one of the 3D effects or “Lenses”, which are to be applied to selfies. They are activated by a long press in the center of your face depicted on the screen. In fact, you’ll get an animated selfie with eyes-hearts, vampire teeth, bulging eyes, and others. Unfortunately, only some of them are free. 

Try New 3D Lenses Effects



Snapchat does provide users with simple text chatting and video chatting. Here you will find one more interesting feature – the whole conversation disappears as soon as you leave a chat. This is very handy for secret communication with the best friends because no one will have a chance to get to know what you were discussing. In case you need to remember something, you may save the essential moments by double tapping, but remember that the person you're having a chat with will be aware of this move. 

Snapchat Stories and Discover Tab

At its start, the application we’re talking about was a simple service for sharing photos among friends. However, it has been constantly progressing, transforming into a powerful social platform. You will be convinced of it after visiting the Snapchat Stories and the Discover pages. 

A Story is a collection of photos and videos captured by a user over 24 hours and it’s available for this period of time only. To create one you need to enable the adding of a snap to the Story. In the Setting menu, you may set the privacy limits to make your Story visible either for friends only or for all users. Later you will be able to check who has viewed your Story and made a screenshot of it. 

When simple stories are created by your friends, the stories from the Discover tab are shared by popular sources in a sort of National Geographic, Food Network, or CNN. All of them consist of a photo and either a video or a detailed text article. Discover is a sort of the news feed which updates every day.

One will find this page by swiping left twice as a single swipe shows a list of the newest friends’ stories. Choose a channel and tap on it and look at a story’s cover photo. In case you would like to know more about it, just swipe up. Swiping left allows to pick up another story while swiping down will return you to the channel list.  

Various Informational Sources in Discover Tab


Design Peculiarities and General Performance

Frankly speaking, navigation of the app isn’t a very intuitive one. Just a few operations may be fulfilled by the trial-and-error method. The best way is to read a tutorial before even starting with anything after launching the app. Go to Settings - Support and you’ll find all the answers and tips. However, it would be even better if these tutorials were displayed as one of the starting pages and not as a hidden feature.

After some time spent with Snapchat, the device we used was reasonably hot. Besides, the app crashed several times and we had to start it over again. The application didn’t work as smoothly and fast as it was expected to do. Still, in general, app’s performance is not bad. 


Snapchat has been on Android for 3 years already. Perhaps, it’s the quickest way of sharing your life moments with your best ones. Even if you don’t look perfect on a snap, that’s the point, because your friends and you should share all the moments, whichever they may be, without primping. The general idea of the instant-taking and disappearing photos is awesome and funny; so using Snapchat with the closest people and peers may help enliven your everyday routine. 

Antoine DeGrasse


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  • rs
    red snapper
    5 years ago
    Snapchat is awesome, easily the app of the year, my favorite way to chat with friends
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  • mp
    mr. prim
    5 years ago
    First it was twitter with 140 characters, now we're limited with 40. My students now barely read past one page, what a shame!
  • e
    5 years ago
    kewl, now everyone respects my snaptoritah! *orders chilli*
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