Snapchat Got Infected by One-Handedness

Snapchat Got Infected by One-Handedness on Freepps Top Blog

It‘s been just several days ago that Google has finally introduced one-handed mode for its keyboard. The next one to react to large screen challenge was Snapchat. Now you can use your camera zoom with one hand touch. All you have to do is move your finger up when camera is launched.

You know that Snapchat camera button needs to be touched constantly to record video. In previous versions you had to use another finger to pinch in or out. It required two hands on the screen, so you had to position your phone in a stand or hold it firmly with the same hand you hold the capture button.

It got much easier now. In the updated app all you have to do is move up or down the thumb you already touch your capture button with.

This update makes zooming possible even on those Chinese cheap phones with two-point multi touch. And if you use a decent model, it just improves your user experience.

This new feature is just another brick in the wall that separates the service’s young users from the older generation not that familiar with Snapchat. As it’s been stated, Snapchat’s interface is made in unintuitive way, and it takes young explorer’s spirit to discover all its features.

Not long ago Snapchat updated its iOS app. Lucky iPhone owners now can swap their faces on photos and replay snaps for free. Android update with these features hasn’t been announced yet.


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