Snapchat Jumps On All Ads Bandwagon

Snapchat Jumps On All Ads Bandwagon on Freepps Top Blog

What's the point of having a $20 bn company if you can't monetize on it? Unconfirmed reports (as in I'm totally making this up) say that this was the exact idea in Evan Spiegel's head when he woke up last Thursday.

Enough with  these sparse geofilter and lens ads! Enter the variety of ad options, sponsored videos and an API for advertisers, the platform called Snapchat Partners.

Ready to see ads in Snapchat?

For the first time ever, you'll be able, along with hundreds of agencies, to buy ads space on Snapchat. The kicker is, you don't actually have to deal with Snapchat proper - it's the third-party partners and their software. This approach would allow you to be more flexible in your approach to buying and managing massive - or minuscule, if you're just getting started, - ad campaigns.

It`s time to monetize popular messenger

Current Sponsored video stories will likely house the advertising API, but it won't be the thing to bet your money on. The new feature called ‘Snap Ads Between Stories’ says it all, and it's likely to be the real money maker. Yep, it's like you wanted all along: sweet, juicy ads elbowed in between your friends' stories. Can't go wrong with such approach, amirite?

There's a straw to breathe yet, though - the option to skip ads is here. 

Remember the ability to swipe stories unveiled by Snapchat in March? To the rescue now!

However, Snapchat keep their hopes up high, hoping that you won't skip the ads if they're really high-quality. Like, literally all of them, as they're planning to approve every ad offered. Another approach is keeping the number of ads low to help users remember the ones they've seen, a noble intention for sure.

In this Spiegel vs Zuckerberg match, Snapchat is planning to outwit the latter by going fullscreen with the ads they will offer. With that skipping option in mind, $1 bn in ad revenue is what Snapchat aims for by the end of 2017.

Excited to see ads sprinkled here and there? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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