Snapchat plans to beat Facebook with new Event Invites feature

Snapchat plans to beat Facebook with new Event Invites feature on Freepps Top Blog

Snapchat is working on Event option for its users similar to the one that Facebook has. There are still not many facts but lots of speculation, as the new feature was already spotted in the Snapchat code. App researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who is famous for her independent research and revealing social media secrets, did a good job uncovering Snapchat’s plans.

How good is Snapchat Event?

The truth is, nobody knows for sure. Except for the Snapchat team, of course, but it’s doubtful they are going to tell us anything before the feature will be tested. What Jane found is how the interface will look like. Gathering the information piece by piece, we can assume that you will be able to create an event, assign the place and the time, invite people you want or need to see there, talk to them in a common chat by swiping up on the invite, and that’s basically it.

If you are eager to know whether Snapchat will allow you to make public events or just get together a company of friends, you’ll have to wait for the official announcement. Since there is an exact location you may use to assign the event, there is a possibility that Snap Map will also be integrated into the feature. There’s a good chance that you will be able to see all the events your friends signed up on Snap Map or perhaps you will see all the events that are happening nearby. Although, this is great news for many partygoers, don’t be too excited, as the feature is apparently on its early stages of development. Let’s wait and see.

Is it ok for Snapchat to copy Facebook?

The Events invitation is one of the most popular features on Facebook, and if it will be in demand on Snapchat as well, why not? Both Facebook and Instagram were copying Snapchat inventions back in the past. Let’s not forget about filters that Facebook copied in 2016, while Instagram was copying Stories at the same time. Probably, it is only fair for Snapchat to copy Facebook’s idea. Don’t you agree? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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