Snapchat's New Logo Upsets Fans

Snapchat's New Logo Upsets Fans on Freepps Top Blog

The popular social-network with the "ethereal" message concept got itself a new logo design. However, users seem to be displeased. They label the brand new logo as an "immature", “childish” and "simply terrible" effort.

Ghost Boy

 The logo itself has barely changed. It's just its mascot — the ghost silhouette named "Chillah" — has a bit bolder outlines. But a barely visible alteration sparked a public outcry. People have been tweeting their opinions on Chillah's new design, which ranged from acrimonious jokes to sizzling hatred.

snapchat new logo

Snapchat fans complain that the new logo makes them feel uncomfortable and that the app's icon ruins the view of the home screen on iOS. As one of them remarked: "It's not a logo we want, but a logo we deserve". Interestingly, the logo has been changed in App Store only. The Android Chillah's appearance hasn't been touched.

A Small Change Makes a Storm

The whole situation may seem to be a joke. But thousands of Snapchat adepts had time to pour their frustration on the poor little ghost mascot. It looks like app developers should be careful about bringing changes. No matter how small a pebble in your shoe is, it can ruin your whole day.

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