Snapchat's Time Machine Lets You Adjust the Age You Look

Snapchat's Time Machine Lets You Adjust the Age You Look on Freepps Top Blog

Snapchat introduces a new filter that makes your face look aged. Did you ever want to see yourself in 30-40-50-or-so years? Come on, check the new version. You can do it just before the winter comes, as the update is already here, released just this week.

Already Old, I Want to Be Already Old

Face filters have been the thing this year. In 2019, many of us have surrendered to FaceApp madness, or to the curiosity how your face would have looked with your gender-swapped. It’s a virtual time machine that forwards or rewinds your time, so you can see your younger or older self (and not faint, how do you like it, Dr. Brown?)

The Time Machine by SnapChat is the one by the fathers of the genre, and it’s traditionally easy when you figure it out. Let’s save some effort: you just need to swipe left or right to become younger or older, previewing your aging like it’s a video file.

How to Use the Age Filter

Snapchat has always been sort of counter-intuitive unless you have taken your time to tune in. Well, if its interface has always been full of mysteries for you, read the following instructions to have it as easy as it can be.

  1.     Update Snapchat from App Store or Google Play
  2.     Run the app when the update is complete
  3.     Let it launch the camera. If it doesn’t by default (while it definitely should), tap the circle button in the bottom of the screen
  4.     Tap the icon with a smiling face
  5.     Look at the camera to have the best selfie look. To grant it, tap the rectangular arrow block in the upper right corner
  6.     From all the filters that appear now, select the Time Machine. It’s a purple icon with a baby and an adult faces on it. Tap it while having the camera still facing you.
  7.     A slider should appear down below. Move it to select the desired age and stop it when you get the desired look.
  8.     Take a shot or record a video. In a video, you can go from your baby version to the oldest you the app supports. The speed, though, is controlled manually.

Then the result can be saved to your local gallery or published on Facebook or Instagram. You can as well send it in PM (not on Snapchat only).

As Years Go by with a Swipe

There is a slight but noticeable difference if you think of comparing the filter by Snapchat to its alternatives. The famous FaceApp, for example, goes harder on your face, adding more wrinkles and changing you more severely. The hair goes gray, the skin looks saggier, and the face lines change too, making it wider with cheeks out. Of course, the smaller is the shift, the more authentic it looks.

Did you like it? Is Snapchat still the best at this sort of filters? Let’s discuss it in the comment section!

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