Invite DJ Spotify To Your Home Party With Your Smartphone

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The time when everybody wanted to be a DJ has gone. It’s easy as never before for a newbie and hard as ever to go pro. Digital technologies have made the next step: Spotify presents special Party Mode available in iOS and Android apps. It’s available for both Free and Premium accounts.

There’s a good alternative to hiring a real DJ with a sound system for a tight amount of cash or electing a DJ from your friends circle. You can trust what Spotify suggests, and correct it if it’s not as smart as you’d like it to be. Thus, you ease your entertaining mission and still have enough freedom to control the party yourself.

 Even if you’re a newbie at DJing you have enough power to make your own improvements.

This mode presents special beatmatched playlists that can be played non-stop at your home party. Just connect your phone to external speaker and make sure it’s loud enough to rock. Spotify will do the rest! Of course, there’s no trust to an AI. The playlists are curated by professional DJs to make sure they go together not by BPM only. Maybe the most famous one Spotify has invited for this job is Diplo. But the brain of Major Lazer is not the only one though he has created a special playlist of 120 tracks.
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The playlists differ by style, length, and, of course, BPM. The mixing algorithms provide smooth beat matching and mixing like a real DJ would do. You can use mood slider like a pitch control slider of DJ players to control your mood from dancing madness to relaxed lounging. You can also edit the playlists, change track positions, add new tracks or remove existing (if the DJedi Force is strong with you).

Even if Diplo’s (or other DJ’s) selection doesn’t exactly match your party’s tastes you can adjust the playlist, switch tracks, in fact, be a co-DJ together with someone famous. Most of the work is already done by pros. The rest that’s left for you provides the flexibility that a real DJ brings when he feels the audience’s reaction. Even if you’re a newbie at DJing you have enough power to make your own improvements.

Spotify claims this balance between automatic selection and human intervention to be the closest approach to the real party atmosphere. That’s what other musical libraries can’t provide as they’re limited by streaming tracks on demand. Spotify’s grand market share became what it is mostly because this service has always tried to humanize its work.

Curated playlists are the latest trend in streaming music services. For example, Apple brought out this service in 2015, and Spotify followed. Then Spotify suggested automatic playlists for sports (integrated with Nike+ Running) and now it’s time for Christmas parties and a new type of DJing.

The update with new features started rolling out on Wednesday.  When you try this feature don’t forget to connect your phone to the plug as the music plays.

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