Spotify Can Now Be Integrated Into Twitter Audio Cards

Spotify Can Now Be Integrated Into Twitter Audio Cards on Freepps Top Blog

Now the users of Twitter get an opportunity to listen to Spotify on their favorite social network. The Spotify streams have now been added to the list of music services that integrated into Twitter audio cards. 

Previously, with the help of audio cards, the users were able to play the tracks from several services (SoundCloud, Apple iTunes, etc.) and now Spotify is a part of this feature.

What does it mean for the Twitter users?

The audio cards allow the users to listen to 30-second fragments from the various tracks while looking through the timeline, which means that they don’t have to click on any external links and be redirected to other players. 

When it comes to Spotify, it’s only reasonable for the service to partner with Twitter as it’s the service where all the party takes place with people discussing new music, albums, and artists.

Moreover, the streams from Spotify will be featured in Twitter Moments, which is the news feed taken care of by the social network. Listening to the Spotify music in Twitter Moments is extremely easy – all you need to do is hover over the track and it will start playing. 

There is no doubt that the partnership will be beneficial for both parties and especially Twitter that can potentially become a destination for people to discover new tracks.

Are you an active Twitter user? What do you think of this new partnership? We’ll be interested to hear your opinion on the new update.

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