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The coronavirus outbreak has heavily affected the musical industry. Artists whose revenue consisted mainly of live performances are facing a significant revenue decrease. Spotify developers decided to help them out by launching a Virtual Events feature that would give artists an ability to generate income during the lockdown. Before the pandemic, Spotify was notifying users about upcoming live gigs, but soon it would start selling tickets and sending alerts for online live performances. The upcoming feature was discovered by a reverse engineer, Jane Manchun Wong.

It’s Going Big

According to the screenshot posted by Wong, the service has already partnered with ticketing agencies, including Resident Advisor, Eventbrite, Ticketmaster, Songkick, AXS, and the Japanese eplus. As for the artists, we can see that BTS, Coldplate Khalid, Kane Brown, and some others already have scheduled performances for September 2020. Presumably, the artists are hosted by the annual iHeartRadio Music Festival.

Historical Feature

Spotify launched the concert discovery option 5 years ago. In addition, its user base and user location data are so deep that they can suggest tickets to virtual events to many more people than local ticket sellers ever could. It’s hard to predict whether the feature will be a temporary solution for surviving the lockdown, or it has room to grow into a continuously grossing busyness, but it’s hard to imagine an artist who would decline such an opportunity today.

A Push Forward

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There’s no doubt that the new feature will help the live events business to keep on the float during the quarantine. Of course, bands like BTS, who can make $20 million on a single track, won’t see a dramatic change, but many other brands and mother companies are already on edge. Will you visit online live concerts on Spotify when they launch? Join the discussion below and share the news with other music fans.

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