Stay Fit and Healthy With These Free Apps

Stay Fit and Healthy With These Free Apps on Freepps Top Blog
Today, a mobile phone isn’t only a nice accessory allowing to reach anyone you need in a couple of seconds, but a must-have device with rich functionality. It is also an organizer, a camera, an alarm, a player, a watch, a navigator, etc. Besides, it may become a personal trainer if you decide to do sports.

However, you’ll have to install one of the fitness apps on it in order to do everything in a right way. Below you’ll find a list of mobile apps for training. They are grouped according to the supporting OS, but all of them are free of charge.

Training Apps Available for Both Android and iOS
One doesn’t have to worry about the app – it’s an all-sufficient one and tracks your running/walking/biking without your help. You don’t even need to launch it as it’s always on (be aware of battery consumption). Moreover, all your routes may be viewed on a map.

This one is for users who are fond of running. It includes a couple of training programs to choose from and the whole history of your workouts. You’ll also get audio guidance, challenging goals and competitions.

It’s a personal trainer and strong motivator for many fitness activities. On your way for a set goal, you’ll get a strong encouragement. You may compete with yourself, establishing personal records, or with your friends, sending them challenges.

Strava is mainly for those who are fond of running and cycling. It offers a plenty of routes popular with other users of the community. It goes without saying that the app also tracks the most significant components of one’s activity and shows them in a form of graphs.

Map My Fitness Workout Trainer
It seems like this app is supposed to track all the possible types of activity, including even dog walks. You’ll be able to get the most detailed workout statistics, which includes route, calories, speed, distance and much more. Moreover, inside you’ll find nice routes in certain popular cities.

If jogging, running, cycling, or walking is your thing, you should pay your attention to Runtastic – a GPS application for tracking these kinds of physical activities. To stay always encouraged and motivated, you may share your routes and results with followers in social nets.

OS Specific Fitness Applications

Human (Android)
The app is designed so that you will devote 30 minutes a day to exercises. In fact, it will automatically monitor your daily activity and count a number of calories burnt. Besides, it has a very elaborate social component allowing exercising virtually with friends.

Google Fit (Android)
After you have downloaded the app, you’ll need to set your personal daily goals and fill in a profile. Later on, you’ll be able to see the detailed graphs for a day/a week/a month. It’s also characterized by an easy and clean interface. Google Fit tracks almost everything automatically and without disturbing you.

Apple Health (iOS)
This app provides users with a full health picture tracking all the possible things (steps, running, body temperature, etc.). There’s also an opportunity to create an emergency card with vital medical data. It may be located right on the Lock screen.

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