Stranger Things Get Stranger: A Series-based Game Coming Soon

Stranger Things Get Stranger: A Series-based Game Coming Soon on Freepps Top Blog

According to Netflix, a new mobile game based on Stranger things show will see the light in 2020. Being an augmented reality title, it will encourage players to explore the real world and discover a hidden, mysterious side of everyday reality. And, of course, fight the evil forces.

Netflix seeks to establish its presence all over the entire media oikumene. And games won't be an exception. Chris Lee, chief of interactive gaming at Netflix, stated that both authors and audience of Stranger things are gamers. And it would be quite logical to turn the 2D colorful cartoon into a captivating adventure in real life.

Pokémon Go style!

Supposedly, the game will stay loyal to the horror traditions of the original show. However, there also will be stuff to laugh about. Adding a humorous touch is one of the crucial ideas of the upcoming game. For example, players will be able to use various ordinary items as weapons. Hairspray is one of the improvised tools of destruction.

It's been mentioned that currently Netflix is joining forces with Roblox, Behavior Interactive and Ubisoft to bring even more games based on the Netflix show catalog. Another pleasant surprise is that Stranger Things will make a cameo in Fortnite. It's not revealed what part exactly the show will play in the famous battle royale title. It might inspire a new set of skins, weapon arsenal, etc. Or its role may be limited to just an Easter egg.

Stranger Things mobile is coming in 2020. Monitor both Google Play and Netflix News not to miss the premiere date. Moreover, you might be interested in another upcoming game from the streaming giant — a tactical title for Nintendo based on the classic 80's movie Dark Crystal.

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