Subway Surfers Gets Updated for Christmas

Subway Surfers Gets Updated for Christmas on Freepps Top Blog

Subway Surfers joins a Christmas party and brings us cool themed update called Winter Holidays. It features the snow-blanketed scenery and new items and bonuses, which will get you in the holiday mood.

New Location and Outfits

It may seem like no Subway Surfers scenery would impress again as there are so many modes in different cities and locations, the users must feel overwhelmed when they have to choose one.

However, the developers did a nice job with the Christmas update and created a beautiful icy world with exciting features and as always smooth graphics. When collecting coins, you run through the cute little village between shiny houses all decorated with Christmas lights and with snowmen in their yards. As you proceed, you will also face mysterious ice caves and elegant toy factories.

The default outfit will be a polar explorer, but once you unlock new extras, you will get more exotic ones like Tusk Outfit or Ice Outfit, which make you look like a polar bear.

Extreme Glacier Ride

And what will you ride? The easy solution here would be a snowboard, but the game goes further and offers you to ride a frosty Glacier board. And it looks as cool as it sounds — a polar bear on the glacier skating through the vibrant icy world is not something you see too often.

Subway Surfers made a smart move with this update and it surely worth your attention. Get ready to rack up a new high score and unlock your Christmas mood.

 Have you already tried the Winter Holidays update? What is your favorite Subway Surfers scenery? Let us know in a comment section below.

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