Sunrise Calendar Shutdown Date Revealed

Sunrise Calendar Shutdown Date Revealed on Freepps Top Blog

If you're investing your time in saving your data and schedules to Sunrise Calendar, you might want to change your mind. 

The app was purchased by Microsoft in late 2015, and Redwood officially stated that the juiciest features of Sunrise will  be integrated into MS's own Outlook app.

Recently, the Sunrise team revealed that the app will reach its EOL on August 31, and there will be no updates or support past that point whatsoever.

The app will stop working altogether.

All doubts aside, the app won't even be available for download for every device it supports now.

Microsoft suggest that you switch to Outlook to be able to enjoy all the familiar features.

Sure, there's plenty of other fish in the sea and there's no shortage of calendar or productivity apps in our catalog, but the scheduled departure of Sunrise is a little disappointing.

Feel free to share your anger and frustration in the comments below!

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