Super Mario Run Breaks Record, 37 Million Downloads In 3 Days

Super Mario Run Breaks Record, 37 Million Downloads In 3 Days on Freepps Top Blog

Nintendo and Super Mario famous duo and smart marketing campaign were a clear indicator that the game would do well, and that is exactly what we see now.

Record-breaker Run

As it was expected, Super Mario Run has already become a huge hit breaking the App Store download and revenue records. According to analytics firm App Annie, the game made a whopping $14 million in its first three days on sale.

Nintendo’s goal for Super Mario Run is to hit $70 million within its first month, and it seems likely to happen despite many players decided to opt out of the full purchase. There is only 4 % of 37 million players have converted to paying customers.

The United States has the most paid users at 8 million, which is over 50% the total revenue. Japan follows with about 3 million dollars with 20 %, which is not a big surprise as the game has a consistent players base there. And the UK accounted only for 4% of the global spending.

How Long Will It Stay On Top?

Additionally, App Annie says that Super Mario Run currently has three million daily active users. It will be curious to track the dynamics of these numbers as this year’s other mobile hit, Pokemon GO, lost 15 million players in a month after hitting its “peak” user figure.

Nintendo has to keep it in mind doing its best to maintain the momentum and avoid a similar drop off. It’s important for them to figure out the way to keep players occupied for longer.

Free Alternative For Android

If you are on Android, there is no other way, but to find a good alternative for now. While waiting for the official 2017 release, you may consider downloading the clone copy of the game called Super Plumber Run. The game is available for free on our site, and it plays very similar to Super Mario Run.

What are your thoughts about Super Mario Run’s long-term potential? Did the game make you convert to paying customer?

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