SwiftKey with its own Emoji and double word prediction in 6.0 update

SwiftKey with its own Emoji and double word prediction in 6.0 update on Freepps Top Blog

One of the most popular virtual keyboards for Android receives a major update. It looks much better (to tell the truth, it finally looks material like a 2015’s app) and has a lot of new things to bring into your texting. As you remember, the SwiftKey used to be paid until the developers made it free in 2014.

The emoticon fans will surely enjoy revamped Emoji panel. It looks great, especially with a new Carbon theme that has been added in this update. Now you can easily find the emoticon you’re searching for and put in into the text you type. The panel is so rich that you can create whole sentences with Emoji. Just long-press the “123” button and watch the emoji panel drop out.

Emoji is not the only new major feature of SwiftKey. The developers dared to embed a completely new feature called “double word prediction”. If made correctly it will predict not only the next word you’re about to enter but two next words. It will significantly speed up your typing.

It’s also worth noticing that Settings menu has finally been revamped. Now it looks modern and has no reminders that the keyboard was launched in 2010 when pixels were large and memory was always too little.
Now the update is available for beta testing. The beta version doesn’t replace the stable release if installed on your device, but appears as a separate app, so you can select which SwiftKey to use.

Antonio Neri


Our resident meandering word artist, Antonio surely knows how to spot a good taco. @his_duckness


  • J
    2 years ago
    Very interesting and useful application. A large number of different smiles and dual prediction function. Really helps to save time.
  • A
    2 years ago
    GREAT! GREAT UPDATE , I've been waiting so long for it. native keybard should be ditched
  • D
    2 years ago
    hell yeah ! it is amazing, I waited for this update. Now it will be much more interesting
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