Symbols By SwiftKey - A Special App For Special Kids

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The SwiftKey team is already well-known worldwide for its Keyboard app for mobile devices that helps save time spent on typing. Inspired by their initial success, the developers haven’t wasted their time. They have been working on a new tool intended for people with special needs.

The new service known as Symbols works on the basis of a prediction and is aimed to provide the users who suffer from learning disabilities – mostly kids – with an opportunity to communicate with others in a special way. The idea was born as an initiative of the staff members who have faced autism among their friends and relatives and the imperfection of currently-existing technologies.
Product Subcategory of Symbols

So, what is the main principle of this assistive app? It allows to make up phrases and whole sentences not from words, but from symbols and images thus conveying a definite idea or a specific action. The images are simple, being only sketches in which one can guess emotions, actions, numbers, objects, etc. They are grouped in categories and may be complemented by personally-created ones.
Functionality of Symbols in Action

With time, SwiftKey’s creation learns users’ preferences and the most frequently used symbols and offers them even faster user experience. Moreover, the night- or daytime is also taken into account for the most relevant predictions. This simplifies the whole process of message transmission especially if it conveys the daily routine meanings. Besides, the app also supports playback of the newly-constructed sentences.

The new tool may be tested by anyone in need as Symbols is totally free of charge. However, it’s an OS-specific app at the moment, meaning that Android owners will be the first to test it for communication.

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