Talking Angela Reviewed: ​The Tamagotchi of 2010s

Talking Angela Reviewed: ​The Tamagotchi of 2010s on Freepps Top Blog
The guys from Outfit7 have found a great niche for mobile apps. Everybody must remember a Tamagotchi mania of 1990s. Now you can hardly imagine someone with that piece of plastic with a small monochrome screen. So (as you see) Tamagotchi was the first kind of devices to slide out of our pockets like PDAs, Walkman players or compact cameras did a bit later.

These little bricks now live in our smartphones or tablets. Talking Tom was one of the first pets to come there triumphantly, now hail Angela, the kitty princess!

Coming further, there’s more Tamagotchi elements in a sequel called My Talking Angela. That game is all about petting and taking care of that little cat. You’d be notified when she wants to sleep, to eat or to be taken other kind of care of.

A Cat To Behold

But this app also had a lot to care about Angela. You may dress her, decorate her and decorate her room with numerous items available in the shop. Some items are free, some cost some gold coins you can earn within the game by watching promo videos or performing some tasks. There is an easier way (or at least the developers insist on that) to obtain those coins for real money. But we're not looking for easy ways, are we?

So here she is, sitting at a table and looking very anthropomorphic, like a modern fashion girl with a posh tail and fur. There are many items around her: a Coat hanger (tap it to dress her up), a Heart (share a fortune cookie with Angela and read your prophecy), a Gift (please her with little bagatelles girls adore, even kitties do). The air is alive around. Wind is blowing, birds are flying, the app lives its life you’re about to join. Yes, she talks! And sings!
One of the most interesting things about Angela is talking. Yes, she does the talking! The artificial intelligence is not meant to deceive you (you already know you’re talking to a digital cat!), so Alan Turing wouldn’t be satisfied with this version of his test. There’s no competition with Siri as well: Angela won’t tell you any important information. But tell us the truth: did you really want that nice kitty to be your digital assistant? She’s not about that! Angela is all about having fun.

You can keep any nice blah-blah-blah with her about your friends, your day, music and movies, parties and fun. The character is easy-minded and very open. And yes, you can type your answers as well as just say them! You’ll have to let the app use your mic.

Another great feature is your head movement recognition (unless you’re using an old Apple device with no front camera). Nod or bow your head, stick your tongue, do other gestures while keeping your head in front of the camera (there’s a special mirror to make sure your head is recognized). Angela will react! Maybe she won’t like some of your gestures, but it’s her right.
The “i” button calls out Help with visual instructions. You can read the commands Angela can recognize, her possible actions, gestures she can see and so on. For example, ask her to sing by entering the command “Sing to me”. The app will launch an animated video with singing Angela. Ask her to buy a drink, and she will treat you with something great. 

We must warn you: Angela only speaks English. If English is not your native language she may refuse to understand your voice input, but it can be a great way to improve your speech.

For kids and adults

The game seems to be meant for kids. Then why does it ask us about Kid Mode at the first launch? Well, it’s all about violence (though it’s rather soft). If you beat Angela’s head by frequent tapping she’d fall on the floor and then a dog guard would warn you not to do so. Fortunately she’s not Humpty Dumpty (as Angela herself says) and she won’t fall apart.

You can play a quiz with her. Don’t be surprised about its topics: as a young girl Angela would care about love and dating, fashion and celebrities, parties and drinks and all the stuff like this. It may be amusing for teens, but a bit boring for an adult trying to kill spare minutes of waiting. 

The girlish manners of Angela are a bit exaggerated and even caricaturized. Some say she is no good as a role model for teen girls. But let’s remember: she’s just a kitty! Would you blame your real kitty for not being that clever and wise as you want your daughter, sister or girlfriend to be? No, cats just aren’t about that. So why should Angela be more than a virtual nice kitty?

The happy family

If you like Angela as a simulator toy or a glamorous version of Siri and somehow you missed Talking Tom, Talking Ben the Dog or other Outfit7 products, you must install them right now. We’re not sure you will like all of them. But at least they’re worth trying.
Another incarnation of the cutest kitty in the party is My Talking Angela (as we have already said). It’s much more intelligent: this app has 7 mini-games you can play to earn virtual coins and they may attract even the ones that would never care about a talking kitty. These two apps would make a good pair with the same character. And yet there’s one more thing: Tom loves Angela is a romantic adventure with two of your favorite characters!

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  • H
    5 years ago
    I like this cat) When i am bored, i like to play with her. The app has nice looks and a lot of hidden perks. Angela helps me feel like a little child.
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  • H
    5 years ago
    I like this cat) When i am bored, i like to play with she. App has good computer graphics, a lot of levels and interesting games inside. She helps me feel myself like a little child. Also i like album with stickers from Angela.
  • sp
    salty pepper
    5 years ago
    The cat is adorable, very cool and fun accompanies u, and likes to be squeezed) top app, used since iphone 4
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