Talking Tom Cat For iOS Reviewed: Right Here, Right Meow

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Virtual pets are the perfect way to get someone furry and purring when you have no possibility to have a living one. Now virtual pets are far more popular than robopets like Aibo, the hope of the industry. Since our gadgets became powerful enough they could make a perfect room for animals.
Tom the Talking Cat was one of the industry pioneering symbols , following only The Talking Hamster. But how can we compare this charismatic Tom to an ordinary hamster? You can touch Tom, pet Tom, even hurt Tom willingly or accidentally. And he’s a speaking cat! How do you like that?
Tom the Talking Cat goes purr purr

This cat enjoys milk and likes to drink it when you hit the special button. Tom also likes to be scratched (hear him purr while you slide your finger back and forth his fur!) And if he gets angry he steps towards your screen and scratches it with its paws leaving white scratch traces. Surprisingly it’s amusing to watch Tom do it over and over.

Let Tom Speak For You

The name of the app shouldn’t make you think that Tom is just a visual interface for Siri or something like that. Tom the Cat doesn’t speak TO you. Instead, he speaks FOR you. Say anything with your normal voice and he will repeat it after you make a pause.

Your intonations and accents will remain recognizable but spoken in Tom’s special voice. It’s higher than the original tone (like it usually happens in cartoons). The algorithms of the app don’t preserve the tempo while pitching the sound. So we recommend you to speak to Tom a bit slower than you do usually and not to lower your voice. Then he’ll response in your normal tempo.
You can record a video with Tom repeating your words. This funny video will be a good bonus to a birthday letter or any other creative message. You can attach it to an email, a message in a social network service or just upload it to YouTube. By the way, the Video button shows you Tom’s official YouTube channel. If you want to see your own collection you can find it under the Camera button.
Tom is ready to talk

Cartoon Superhero

Tom’s popularity made him leave the sultry app room and try a cartoon star career. You can open the official Tom’s YouTube channel directly from the app.

The funny toons starring Tom and his friends are another reason to install the app. You get notified when a new episode is out. Those funny cartoons are about 4 or 5 minutes long: quite enough for kids and adults. Maybe that’s how a new cartoon star is born.
Tom the Video Star
We don’t think forward of Tom’s show success. Remember Angry Birds series that had quite a disappointing success level. But Tom’s setting seems equally good for playing and for watching. So the 'toons get up to 10 million views and more. They only have English soundtrack, but there are subtitles in other languages.

Beware: Sometimes Indecent

When you launch the app for the first time it proposes you to turn the Child Mode on. It might be a bit surprising: a special kid mode in a kid’s game? But then if you didn’t select it you suddenly realize how cruel this game can be.

If you just touch the cat’s head it means that you beat it with your fist. And don’t be surprised if the cat falls down and screams like the hit cats do. You can as well hit his belly and look what it’s like. And when you poke Tom’s feet he falls, and it’s kind of funny.

Of course, it’s not a good entertainment for a child. Do if you don’t want your kids to try the same experience with real animals you better turn Child Mode on before you hand your iPhone or iPad to your children.

There are also other features that may be described as “indecent”. How about Tom turning his back on you and farting? Easy, easy, this feature is paid and it won’t be activated in your app without your permission. Unless your kids outsmart you somehow and pay your money for the pleasure of seeing a farting cat.

Tom’s Story Will Go On

Tom the Talking Cat was extremely successful. So the developers have followed its success with other apps with other cute and funny heroes. Ben the Dog, Angela the Kitty, Larry the Bird and other inhabitants of the Outfit7 world have shown what virtual pets can be like.

Yes, you can expand Tom’s possibilities within this app by buying premium features (though you don’t have to). It will cost you much less than caring about the real cat. You’ll get rid of those surrounding ads and teach Tom some new tricks.
My Talking Tom is a Tamagotchi Tom edition
But if you like Tom and want to explore his world deeper, well, there’s some good news for you. The developers didn’t stop and published at least three more apps: Talking Tom Cat 2, My Talking Tom and Tom Loves Angela. The last one is a romantic crossover with another Outfit7’s character: Angela the pretty kitty. You can discover them directly from this app and install them in one touch, and then the story continues.

There are iPhone-  and iPad-optimized version with the same functionality and a bit varying interface. We suggest you install the right version for your device. The iPhone version looks pretty poor on the iPad screen.

Anyway, Tom the Talking Cat is a very amusing app that can help you spend some free time or create a funny video and send it out to a friend. Unfortunately most extra features are paid but even basic functionality is enough to make you smile many times. And of course, it’s worth installing and at least trying.

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    It`s such a good game for kids! I downloaded it for my son, he was exited and spent a lot of time playing it.
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    5 years ago
    Children are happy with the game, so funny voice. But a lot of additional features makes this game worse.
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