Telegram's New Features: Secret Chatting, Photo Editing, More

Telegram's New Features: Secret Chatting, Photo Editing, More on Freepps Top Blog

We are very lucky today, having such an abundance of mobile applications to choose from. And the messaging services aren’t the exception. In case it happens so that you don’t like WhatsApp, Viber, or Messenger, you may choose, for instance, Telegram. Besides, thanks to the newest updated version 3.5 of its Android and iOS variants, the app has got lots of improvements and new functions. 

Voice Messages

To start with, we would like to draw your attention to a renewed interface of voice messages, which includes a waveform visualization. One more innovation is a player: now you can start the playback of a voice message and start doing other activities within the app, while the message is going to play in the background, making Telegram a multitasking application. 

If you own a new-generation smartphone with the high-quality sensors, accelerometer, and gyroscope, you can also enjoy the benefits of raise-to-speak and raise-to-listen options for creating and listening to actions respectively. You won’t need to press any buttons - just bring a phone to your ear while the chat is open and do everything you want after a special signal. However, it’s only an experiment, so this feature may disappear in the future. 


Telegram Voice Messages Updated

There are also new rules for Supergroups; particularly, there appeared a chance for group admins to choose the participants, who can add new members to it. Moreover, anyone may let or prohibit others to invite him to the groups. In general, the Supergroups may include 1 thousand participants at most. So, the new option may help you avoid the mess inside such large groups.

Secret Chats

The update also includes improvement of privacy issues via Secret Chats. Earlier, they’ve included a timer for self-destructing and a complete encryption for the private info protection. Among the newly-added goodies one will find stickers, GIFs, link previews, inline bots, photo and video captions. 

Sharing Options

GIFs Sharing Within Telegrams Secret Chats

The new sharing opportunities have become available for iOS users. In fact, the latter can initiate a photo/video/audio/doc/location sharing via Telegram from some of the built-in Apple’s applications, such as Photos, Maps, Contacts, etc. Moreover, users are able to share the content with several chats at once. 

Photo Editor

Photo Editor Option of Telegram Messenger

Android owners have got an exclusive opportunity to use new photo-editing tools, such as rotating, fading, working with curves and tints. This means that the photos you share may look even nicer and more professional now.

Final Note

The Telegram messenger is completely free of charge and compatible with both Android 4.0+ and iOS 6.0+ devices. Perhaps, one of the most pleasant parts is that the developers have promised to release more updates before the end of the current month. To make this story short, we offer you to go to your Telegram app and look at its newly-baked features.

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