"Tell Me" Added To Microsoft Office Apps

"Tell Me" Added To Microsoft Office Apps on Freepps Top Blog

Have you ever needed to find certain tools in Word, PowerPoint, or Excel, and didn’t know where to look? While a lot of us use these programs on a regular basis, we are not aware of all the actions that can be performed with the help of Microsoft Office. 

In this case, Google becomes our first destination, but it’s not as great as getting some help from the app itself. Fortunately, this feature has been added in the recent update.

What are the new features introduced by Microsoft?

The so-called “Tell Me” function has just been added to Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint for Android devices. You can easily access the newest function by tapping the “A” and pencil icon in the interface, and then choosing the light bulb icon. 

The tablet users can access the light bulb icon directly in the interface. Afterward, all you have to do is type which tool you want to use and the app will find it for you, which is extremely convenient, especially if you’re on a tight schedule and don’t want to waste your time. 

“Tell Me” is undoubtedly a useful feature, if you take into consideration how extensive the Microsoft Office apps universe is.

In addition to the mentioned feature, another update includes an opportunity to split and merge cells in Word. Moreover, the users of Excel can now enjoy improved auto-complete and be able to collapse and expand grouped columns and rows.

Do you think the new features will improve your Microsoft Office apps experience? Share your thoughts about the update in the comments.

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    5 years ago
    It's very useful update as I've been use Microsoft Office for many years. There are no unuseful adds. “Tell Me” function helps me a lot.
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