Ten Amazing Mobile Games To Check Out In Spring 2019

Ten Amazing Mobile Games To Check Out In Spring 2019 on Freepps Top Blog

There are lots of advantages to playing mobile games rather than PC or console ones. For starters, smartphones and tablets offer unmatched levels of portability, so you can play literally anywhere as long as your device is charged. Second, there are lots of quality games for mobile devices that range from first-person shooters with astounding graphics to casual time killers that can be played while you’re on a bus or standing in line. Finally, mobile games are almost always cheaper than their PC or console counterparts, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on your gaming hobby.

Now that you’re probably itching to pick up your phone or tablet and play a game, let’s take a look at ten awesome mobile games out right now that you should definitely try!

Time To Play Minecraft On The Go!

Who said that Minecraft should only be played on desktops and consoles? Of course, the amount of screen available on your phone or tablet affects how you interact with the game, but playing Minecraft’s mobile version is still very fun. Now that you can play with your creations on the go, you can always share them with friends or even start working on a new cool structure during a commute!

If you want to play Minecraft with friends, there’s the new Minecraft Realms feature that lets you create a unique Minecraft world. You can invite up to ten friends to visit your world and help you develop it, which is a cool possibility if you want to collaborate with someone or simply show off your new creation to your friends.

Don’t Just Stare At The Screen: Play Heads Up!

You don’t always have to play mobile games on your own, as you can download Heads Up! and have lots of fun trying to imitate different characters. Your options aren’t even limited to people, as the game offers numerous categories ranging from celebrities and movie characters to animals. Whether you play this game in the living room with your best friend or at a party with a dozen of strangers, you’re guaranteed to have a great time and get the creative side of your brain working!

Make Them All Sick With Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. offers an almost disturbingly realistic simulation of what trying to infect the whole population of Earth with a deadly virus would be like. If you enjoy having to think and plan your steps ahead when playing a game, you should definitely purchase Plague Inc. You can see that the developer has put a lot of effort into this game, from advanced AI algorithms that simulate the humanity’s attempts to defend itself from your virus, to amazing visuals that represent the real world in a very detailed way.

Command An Army Of Monkeys In Bloons TD 6

There is no way that combining cute animals with the popular tower defense genre could ever go wrong, but it’s the Ninja Kiwi developer’s efforts on this game that really make it shine. In Bloons TD 6 you have to fend off hundreds of Bloons by strategically placing towers and monkey Heroes with dozens of powerful abilities. Ninja Kiwi is constantly working to improve the game and add new cool features, such as new skins for your monkeys, new Heroes, and exciting new maps to play and explore. This game is a must-have if you enjoy the tower defense genre and are open to new, fun takes on the classic.

Become A Mayor And An Architect In Pocket City

If you’ve ever tried SimCity and found it disappointing, you are definitely going to enjoy Pocket City. Once you purchase this game, it won’t ever nag you to make any in-app purchases whatsoever. All buildings, decorations, and other structures are unlockable through playing the game, and there’s no pressure to unlock them as soon as possible to get the most out of the Pocket City. This means that you can play it at your own pace and still enjoy the game whether you choose to put ten minutes or two hours into it on a daily basis.

Keep Coming Back For More Geometry Dash

Mobile games can be very simple, requiring you to mindlessly alternate between a couple of buttons to clear yet another level. With Geometry Dash, that is definitely not the case. It’s a wonderfully accessible platformer that’s very easy to learn, but extremely challenging to master. Be prepared to scream at your phone in frustration as you try to clear a level for the hundredth time. You might even quit playing Geometry Dash for a while, but in the end, you’ll come back to tackle the impossible level again and feel the triumph when you finally guide your rocket to the end of the passage.

Experience The Joy Of Motion In True Skate

Skateboarding is a cool hobby that many people secretly wish they could take up. Becoming good at real-life skateboarding requires you to invest a lot of time and a significant amount of money as you keep replacing shoes and boards, but you can become a pro in True Skate for a fraction of the price. As you master different tricks and become the star of the skate park, you will collect True Credits that can be spent on new missions, new cool decks, and wheels, as well as unlimited slow motion mode. True Skate is extremely fun and recommended by skateboarders all over the world, so why don’t you give it a try?

Unleash Your Inner Goat In Goat Simulator

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a goat? No? We neither, but this game is surprisingly fun and engaging, giving you an ability to run around town wrecking places, spraying graffiti, and doing all kinds of destructive things you’d never dream of doing in real life. There are multiple locations available in the game, and while some of them are definitely more appealing than the others, you’ll still have a lot of fun playing Goat Simulator. If you want to wreak goat havoc in style, you can unlock some additional goat skins which are going to make your playable character look even cooler.

A Game For Ice Cream Lovers: Papa’s Freezeria To Go!

As you start the game, the levels are almost deceptively simple and easy to clear. However, don’t get too relaxed because they are going to become more and more complicated at an alarming pace! Soon you’ll be hard-pressed to manage all the machines and deliver the customers’ orders in time. At higher levels, sometimes even fractions of a second can prevent you from successfully completing a level. Different kinds of customers, numerous toppings, and dozens of achievements to unlock all make sure that Papa’s Freezeria keeps you entertained for hours!

Play The Game Of Life Whenever You Want

You’ve most likely played the physical version of The Game Of Life from Hasbro at some point in your life. Maybe you even wish you could play it now, but your friends and family members just aren’t into it? Fortunately, there is an easy solution to that problem: just download The Game Of Life for your mobile device and enjoy the new multiplayer function! You can get matched with thousands of opponents worldwide and enjoy the classic board game whenever you are. And if your loved ones change their mind, you can play the digital version of the game with them, as The Game Of Life offers local multiplayer for up to four people.


We’ve done our best to make this list well-rounded so that everyone can find something they enjoy. Geometry Dash and Pocket City are the two mobile games we’d easily recommend to anyone, and you can choose other games to try out based on your personal preferences.

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