The Best Instagram Apps. Part 1. iOS

The Best Instagram Apps. Part 1. iOS on Freepps Top Blog

In fact, any photo editing app that has a sharing function can be used along with Instagram. Its official app thus only provides access to its publications. But there’s more to the greatest mobile photo-sharing service of the world.

We have selected the collection of 6 apps that can pump up your Instagram in different ways. Add tags, create stories, postpone your publications, add text to your photos, use Instagram on your iPad and do much more with these apps. An advanced Instagrammer can make use of Instagram with these helpers.

Layout from Instagram

Layout App

How to put the whole story into a single Instagram post? Yes, the app has built-in layouts, but we are already tired of them. The Layout app was developed by creators of the original Instagram app, so it’s integrated with it seamlessly.

Just select the layout you like and fill it with your photos. You can select pictures from your Camera Roll or snap them right now with a built-in PhotoBooth. The layouts available are already square-shaped, which is perfect for Instagram. They can contain up to 9 photos in different combination. You are to create the story in your collage. A built-in editor lets you adjust each photo separately.

Maybe your story will require a little plot explanation. Then why not keep editing it in Quick, the app we’ll review a bit later? You can do it backward: first, you add text in Quick and then combine your edited pics in Layout. Anyway, you’ll get a self-sufficient comic story in one picture that won’t lose any of its content after reposting and won’t need any explanation.



Another official auxiliary app from the original Instagram's team. Hyperlapse is meant for creating brilliant time lapse videos compressing long time periods into the limits suitable for Instagram. The compression ratio is adjustable, so you can quicken the video from 2x up to 12x.

The app looks quite simple and integrates with Instagram seamlessly. You don’t even have to log in with your Instagram account. Just launch it and leave your iPhone on a stand if you have one. 

Even if you're not equipped properly, it's not that bad. The service uses its in-house stabilization, so the quality of your videos won’t be damaged or blurred by accidental moves. You can even hold your iPhone in your hand or on a selfie stick.

Hyperlapse simultaneously displays the actual filming time and the time after compression. As Instagram's video length is limited, you won’t be able to film the whole day, 120 seconds max. It’s easy to hold your phone for that long. You won’t have to bother about battery drain, the app doesn’t take that much power for a single video.

So if you have two spare minutes in a beautiful place, why not share them on Instagram with Hyperlapse?


If Scarlet O’Hara had Instagram…

Later is a real treasure for those with active social media life. If you handle several Instagram accounts simultaneously. If you need to make your posts at a certain time repeatedly. If you need to use your PC as the main working tool. In all these situations Later will be a great help.

This app - or rather, a service - is meant for scheduling your Instagram posts. You can appoint the time the post should be published, the account the app should post it to, the text and tags to accompany your picture. When the photo is posted, you get a push notification about it. A great corporate feature is account sharing. You can use Later together with your team that helps you to run your account more actively around the clock.

Unfortunately, the process can’t be automatized completely. Due to Instagram spam limitations, you should confirm photos you publish. But even this level of automation can help you save your time and not miss the best moment to throw your photo into your followers’ timeline.


Quick app

Almost any popular account has pictures with some text on it. Sometimes, they are just chat's screenshots or quotes shaped as pics. Of course, this representation of text content is easier for our perception today. But even if you just post your pics, a little text right on them won't spoil them. And it won’t be lost when someone reposts your photo.

Quick is an app that adds text directly onto your pictures. You have a whole lot of designer’s tools to make your writings look beautiful and look great in your pic. Adjust everything about your text: fonts, size, color, location. The real-time preview will save your time.

The text you put right on your pic works better than text a comment under it except for hashtags; they have to be texted under. If you want to exploit some meme or, on the contrary, virus your photo away, a text right on it would be the best way.

In fact, this app is not meant strictly for Instagram. Like any photo editor, it can share your edited photo to any app that supports that, including Facebook, Twitter, or other social media. But if you have set up automatic reposting, sharing it to Instagram will do it all.

Retro for Instagram

You can look but you can’t post

It may be qualified as the major drawback that Instagram has no official client app for iPad. But you won’t have to put up with that expanded iPhone interface on your tablet screen. Retro is a third-party client that uses your iPad screen space efficiently.

Since the square shape and the maximum size of photos remain the same, the app can place more of them on your screen. Viewing your friends’ pages or random photos brings much more pleasure now. Even though the photos with the biggest size 1080p are too small for modern iPad screen resolution, they don’t look that crappy as early ones.

There are many features the official app lacks, like downloading photos to your Gallery, browsing history of what you have liked and so on. And yes, it supports multiple accounts.

The only thing we’d like to see finally in this app is posting photos. Today Retro is, in fact, a read-only client, with a poor compensation allowing you to like and comment other people’s posts. It used to make sense when iPad had a poor camera, but today we’d like to post photos as well as read our streams. Without this, the app really seems too retro. But still, it’s perfect as an Instagram viewer.


Automatically describes your photo

If you pay attention to SMM features of your account and want to promote it to your key audience, mind the tags. The right hashtags make your photos easy to find and guarantee they will be seen by the right audience. TagsDock is the app that helps you to handle your tags the right way.

The trick of TagsDock is about its analytic abilities. The app analyzes the image and its metadata like location, time and so on, so it automatically generates a list of tags, and you have to select the proper ones. The tags the app suggests are the most demanded ones. So if you do the selection wisely, you can raise your popularity and get more likes and followers.

Another feature meant saving your time is custom keyboard. You don’t have to enter tags manually, you select pre-entered words and word combinations. This saves you more time that it may seem, especially if you post your photos and videos often.

Last but not least: the app works both with Instagram and Vine. So you can fast-tag your photos and Vine videos with equal ease.

More To Follow

Of course, there are more professional and specialized tools for Instagram, like poster generator or apps for printing services. But anyway, these ones will bring you more joy and use than Instagram alone. 

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