The Best Instagram Apps. Part 2. Android

The Best Instagram Apps. Part 2. Android on Freepps Top Blog

The Android experience has always been different, but Instagram fans on Android shouldn’t feel second-rate since their favorite app became available. And there are powerful tools augmenting their Instagram experience, so there’s no reason to complain or switch to iPhone.

Of course, some apps are both available for Android and iOS. We won’t concentrate on these ones again, just mentioning them will do. So, Android users can as well enhance their possibilities with Instagram's Layout and other official apps. But there’s something else - and we almost said “One more thing”, heh! 

Boomerang from Instagram

Boomerang is meant to return

What do we know about the boomerang? It returns once thrown away. So does your video made in this official Instagram’s app. Record a video and play it forward and then backwards, so it becomes a kind of loop. Have you ever imagined how funny this would look?

These little videos can be taken with both your rear and front camera. You can create a motion selfie, capture a funny moment somewhere around you, or make an animation. As the final frames are the same, the videos are perfectly, seamlessly looped and can be played endlessly. Boomerang lets you share these moments on Instagram or Facebook.
The idea may look kind of weird, but after you taste it, you may get really hooked on it. All you need to do is to take your aim and press one button. The app does the rest.

Maybe the only drawback of Boomerang is its compatibility with the latest devices and Android versions only. Not that it refuses to work completely on older devices, but there are frequent complaints about poor compatibility, artifacts, other bugs. And if your Android is older than 4.1, you better think of updating or even upgrading in order to enjoy Boomerang. 


Select the keywords

This app is similar to TagsDock for iOS: it generates tags that suit your picture the most. It suggests you a lot of tags divided into several categories:

  • Entertainment
  • Celebrities
  • Art
  • Girls
  • Animals
  • Family
  • other categories, including also Follow/Like. 

All you need to do is select a category and pick the best tags for your photo. You can fill all of available space with hashtags corresponding to your picture contents.

If you think the app’s collection lacks a tag or a whole category, you can use Feedback function and send your request to the developers. We’re not sure whether it works, as the app has been last updated in May 2015, but it’s still working and compatible with all current versions of social services. HashTags allows to tag your photos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

There’s some danger of getting hooked on hashtags, so they will take more space on the screen than the photo itself. So be moderate while adding hashtags, although it seems so attractive to add yet another one with just one touch. 

Pic Stitch - #1 Collage Maker

A personal cell for anyone

Is there any need to explain what collages are for? Well, there is a native Instagram’s Layout - we have reviewed it in Part 1, and Android version has just the same features. But if it’s not enough for you, we have other collage making apps like Pic Stitch.

This time you’re not limited to prepared collage layouts, though you can choose from about 250 alternatives; you can make your own. Still you can fill any part of the collage with a separate pic taken from your gallery, from Facebook, or shot right away. There are also filters you can apply on any fragment of your collage.

The app has a built-in single pic editor that can be used even without layout features. If you’re lucky enough to have Walgreens around, you can order your photos printed there.

Basic version of Pic Stitch is free. Yet it has an in-app store where you can purchase paid filters and layouts. You don’t have to, of course. There is always one free Layout of the Day you can use to vary your photo timeline.

Today Pic Stitch is one of the most popular collage makers, and you are not bound to Instagram if you decide to use it. Collages can be saved to your local memory or shared to any service you like.


Is there a sunny day? OK, Im away!

What this app does is clear from its name. You know that the photos you publish always carry some metadata about the date, time and place they were taken, the device you used to make them and so on. InstaWeather adds another dimension to your Insta blog: it places current weather conditions onto the photo you publish.

Wherever you may happen, this app will fetch the current weather data and integrate it with the image you publish. The idea is not so weird as it may seem. The text on the photo explains everything: not only weather, but where you are, what time of day is it and so on. There are skins with different data available. You can also add your own text, write what you wish right on your photo.

Of course, just a plain text would be boring. So the developers have provided a lot of layouts allowing to position and style the weather as you like. There are many templates, and one of them will suit your photo the best.

You can immediately share your weatherized photo into any social media you use: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other. It’s a great way to share the forecast for nearest days with your friends if you’re making some plans depending on the weather in certain place. For example, you have found that the weather is wonderful, so you can send this photo as an invitation to your mates. Or just provoke some followers’ envy.

Photo Editor by Aviary

More power than in Instagram

In fact, we have a minimalistic set of editing functions in Instagram and a filter policy for those not ready to work with their pictures manually. But if you’re the one who’s ready, you’ll need a more powerful tool. Aviary provides all you’ll need to enhance your photos before sharing them off.
The app constantly gets new updates. It has the full basic adjustments set, like:

  • brightness;
  • contrast;
  • colors;
  • temperature;
  • crop;
  • rotate;
  • tilt shift and so on.

Also, there are professional cosmetic tools like red-eye remover and teeth whitening tool.

Of course, there are limitations in free version. You can only select 12 effects to use for free, and the rest will be paid. But if you combine Aviary with other editing apps like the original Instagram, these limitations won’t be crucial. There can be other recommended combinations. For example, together with Adobe Capture Aviary lets you create custom stickers.

The app is available both for iOS and Android devices. And it seems one of the most popular photo editors with over 50 million users on Android only.


My picture, my preciousss!

One does not simply save Instagram photos into the gallery. But it doesn’t take Gandalf to do some magic and overcome this limitation. InstaSave will save them for you. This app is meant for saving photos and videos only, it’s a one-trick pony but a well-taught one.

InstaSave won’t replace the original Instagram app, it will wait till we summon it. The magic is done from within the Instagram. When we see the picture you want to save, you share its URL to InstaSave, and then download it from there. The trick won’t work with photos marked as Private.

The app is extremely easy to use. It can receive several photos from Instagram and save them all easily. The saved photos will be displayed in your Gallery in their original size. And there’s no need to log in. The original Instagram app has already granted you the access you need.
Sometimes the app won’t work as the Instagram team changes default URL format, but the developers are quick to fix it. So just relax and wait for an update, and then download the pics you want.
Still, there’s much more apps to make your Instagram experience greater, though they won’t fit in the article even if we just listed them.

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