The Best iOS/Android Games (Fall 2018)

The Best iOS/Android Games (Fall 2018) on Freepps Top Blog

While mobile app industry seems to have settled down, with some sporadic hit and default roster filled, the gaming world seems much more vivid, with new candidates appearing constantly. We selected the best iOS/Android games’2018, according to Metacritic reviews and rates. Being quite miscellaneous, they will hardly all satisfy any given reader, but virtually anyone would like some of them.

Being based on Metacritic data provides a sad restriction we consider necessary to warn you about right there. Android is quite a popular platform for mobile gaming, but for some reasons unknown Metacritic ignores it completely. So we’ll base our selection on iOS, and, if the game is available for Android as well, we’ll offer both links.

Reigns: Game of Thrones

Available: iOS, Android

While the final season is yet to hit the screens in 2019, devoted fans may try walking in Jon Snow’s, Cersei Lannister’s, Tyrion Lannister’s, or Daenerys Targaryen’s shoes. If they fit, of course.

The Reigns series is based on Tinder-like political methods. That is, you sit on your throne (this time it’s The Iron Throne) and read what your subjects ask of you or suggest you to do, and then swipe right to accept or swipe left to decline. Read and think carefully: when you’re bound to act like this, a little less conversation does mean a little less action.

The game requires both common logic and deep knowledge of the Seven Kingdoms. And it features the original score by Ramin Djawadi. What else do you need to color the wait?

Candies ‘N Curses

Available: iOS, Android

What are ghosts afraid of? Light, you might guess, and you’ll be right. The protagonist of the game is a girl named Molly who somehow got into an old abandoned house, now inhabited by ghosts and mystical creatures. Luckily, she has a flashlight, and it will help her out and up to the Phantom King… Luckily, each stage has its set of bonus candies and curses that you can equip, and they make proceeding easier and more fun.

This retro-styled, pixelized game has its good share of charm, due to its esthetical closeness to the golden era of mystical horror. And, after all, it’s made with a lot of imagination and a good gameplay. Its design may look too 8-bit on tablets, but it works well on smartphones.

Old School Runescape

Available: iOS, Android

And here comes another old school one that even flags it in its name. It’s a MMO with quite an open world that looks a bit archaic at first, but then you realize that classic is the word. First launched in 2001, it was reanimated later, and finally, in 2018 it goes mobile.

Your character finds him/herself in a strange world where (luckily) everyone speaks English. Communicating is the first ability you have and the key to all the other skills. And they are extremely important, as they define which way you better upgrade yourself.

Designed like it’s still 2001, Old School Runescape has some qualities later MMOs lack. It still has its way of an unknown adventure. Who knows where you get with the first skill you get, the art of cooking? But it may be of use in any situation. You’ll also learn fighting and crafting, and obtain a lot of useful items. But what you need most is your readiness to discover.

The game is one developed by players themselves, that is, new content is introduced after users vote for it. And this level of interactivity is alone worth trying it, at least to learn whether the election is a good idea.


Available: iOS

Platformer is another genre that was quite a nostalgic one in the late 1990s already, but it’s late 2010s, and it’s still alive and kicking, hitting, stabbing, crushing, jumping and dodging. And (unlike some titles exploiting that retro aura) Grimvalor looks anything but outdated. It’s a highly detailed platformer with pseudo 3D that tastes best on iPad.

The gameplay is still based on the same fight-your-way-through principle, but this time it resembles an interactive cartoon. Your mission is organized into quests, and each time the mission is different, and so is the terrain. You leave caves to enter a castle, and then proceed to the dark forest area, and so on. The forgotten kingdom needs a hero, and it’s no one but you.

So, if you still sometimes return to Limbo or Swordigo, you’ll have definitely no excuse for missing Grimvalor. This platformer is sure to become a classical title. It may seem a bit expensive, but platformers like this provide many gameplay hours, so its bang for the buck measured in pleasure is rather high.

Alphabear 2

Available: iOS, Android

Edutainment as a genre requires fine balancing between fun and learning. AlphaBear series is a good example of how to achieve that. This game is meant for learning English, both as a native and as a foreign language.

So, your Alphabet Bear (Alphabear for short) gets in trouble, and you are here to help it out. The way you do it is solving word puzzles, like outing the letters you’re given together to create something that makes sense. The further you go, the trickier your mission becomes, so you’ll need a bit of brain strain.

The game is well drawn (though such projects are not about graphics, generally), and the puzzles are real fun. The good thing is that it’s free-to-play, and if you go well, you gain rewards that can be exchanged for hints. An even better thing is that the narrative is translated into different languages to help to learn English as a foreign language, as we said. But even if you’re a native speaker, some of the puzzles you mean may really get you thinking hard.

Donut County

Available: iOS

Can you imagine what it’s like to live underground, with a crazy raccoon that has dropped you there? There’s one thing for sure: you will miss a lot of things. Luckily, the raccoon can capture them with the hole vacuuming everything and bring it to you from up there. Level by level you venture up and suck everything movable in. It’s harder than one might think, but that’s what makes the game such fun. It’s hard what has planted such an idea in the developer’s mind and whether that stuff is legal.

In fact, the game is a physical puzzle wrapped in such a strange story. It’s really 3D, and, though the graphics may seem a bit simplified, it’s more about physics. And the physical characteristics of objects are recreated close to perfectly. They behave quite naturally, even when they are alive.

It’s the case when a console game makes its way to mobile devices simultaneously with the main release. Not the freshest title, but if you missed this indie game, it’s time to make it right.

Alas, Android version isn’t even mentioned in the developer’s plans.


Available: iOS, Android

If there are meditative puzzles, that’s one. This relaxed game offers several dozens of levels you may go through with no hurry required. Speaking shortly, it’s an acoustic physical puzzle.

You have several acoustic mirrors at your disposal, a sound source looking like a speaker and the point the sound should be concentrated in. One by one you move these mirrors to direct the sound. You need to involve all of them to get the puzzle solved.

The atmosphere of this game is as musical as can be. The sounds are visualized; the mirrors move to the beat the sound provides. It can be seen as a kind of meditation. The only flaw of this game is its low replayability: once you have completed a level, you won’t uncomplete it, and won’t even beat your score, because there isn’t one. But if the developers are planning to add more levels in updates, the price of this game is quite reasonable.

Where Shadows Slumber

Available: iOS, Android (demo)

The description of this game reminds more than one title mentioned above. You see, it’s an adventure, with a kingdom plunged into darkness and the heroic savior that possesses the power to cancel that curse. It’s you, of course, and you need to bring the light with the light.

But there is a sliiiight difference, you see. The matter is that all the nature in this kingdom is chaotic, so, while not lit, it may change. You should be aware of the dangers it hides; but if you master the Art of Chaos, these mutations can be your weapon. By the way, the same applies to you!

As you may have guessed, the story typically wrapped in a platformer is now presented as a multilevel puzzle. It’s structured into eight worlds, with varying rules, and each one has its unique challenges.

So far only iDevice users can enjoy the full version. Android app only shows what the game is about, but the full version isn’t available yet.

Dragalia Lost

Available: iOS, Android

A fantasy RPG is the type of game that’s always fun if you like this type at all. This mobile project by Nintendo offers all a fantasy fan might admire. There are humans, and there are dragons. There are fights and quest, and there are upgrades for your character. That is, the game is completely connected with the book.

Yet the quality is what matters. Nintendo spared no effort on this game. It crafted unique music and voices, spectacular anime-styled graphics and fight animations, online mode (in fact, there’s no offline mode), and built-in chat with emoji to make international communication easier.

The game isn’t available in some countries, and that’s a shame. Though Nintendo has always had that strange distribution policy, so maybe they just don’t care about markets they consider minor.

So, which of these are the best iOS/Android games’2018? Being of different genres, they can’t be compared directly. And all of them are rated high enough for us to pay attention to each.

Have we missed something or overrated any of these above? You’re free to share your opinion, and we’re sure to pay attention to it.                                                     

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