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 And then there were seven. As the Episode VII has hit the screens and a galaxy far, far away is rather so close, no matter how far, we made our best to select the best apps that a real Lucasfilm geek should have. It looks logical that Android users have a little more to select from. Anyway, are there any apples or windows that mean as much for The Saga as droids do? And is there any other system that has a logo with a real Star Wars prototype?

We have selected seven apps, by the number of The Episodes, which can Force up your phone. All the apps are completely free and will remain free unless Watto gets his hands on them. Today we focus on the apps which cannot be classified as games though they are mostly meant for entertaining. But the active fan community will be a grateful audience for these.

Space Photo Montage EditorWhat it looks loke

Space Photo Montage Editor

OK, do you want to impress your friends with photos from vacations on Tatooine, Nabu or Kashyyyk? No problem. The Space Photo Montage Editor will help you add spaceships or characters from Star Wars onto your pictures from the gallery or taken at once. You can position them anywhere on the photo or mirror them to select the right pose.
As usually, this editor has a lot of easy ways to share the photo directly from it. So you can make a little surprise for your Star Wars hooked friends.
The app doesn’t pretend to make it realistic, so the objects are not taken from the movies directly. They are rather Lego’s take on characters and objects. But anyway, did you want real Darth Vader around you? And if you need just a funny addition to your photo, this app will be a good choice. Though, honestly, we’d like to see Industrial Light & Magic’s version rather than Lego’s, and we still hope there’ll be something like that.

The interface looks God-afwul

Darth Vader Voice Changer

Do you want to sound like the most notorious of The Sith? Well, join the Dark Side with this app. It can record your voice and transform it so it will sound like James Earl Jones’s in Star Wars, from within that famous helmet.
The interface of the app looks so 1980s that even the old school users won’t make it out from the start. But it means rich functionality. You can adjust the pitch of the result, set your phrase as a ringtone, save it in your local or cloud memory, send via email, share through any other app. There is even
Unfortunately your free time of recording is limited; each day you have 1 minute. You can get extra 5 minutes daily for doing some job for the Dark Side. We wonder if they have cookies.

The saber looks ok

Augmented Lightsaber

If you’re new to augmented reality, this app will be among the best methods of explaining the concept. This app will not only show your lightsaber on the screen but integrate it with the reality displayed through the camera. As you swipe the phone as if it were a lightsaber grip, the phone makes a whistling sound. And if you manage to hit a real item with this virtual saber, the cam identifies it and the flash shines shortly. You can even select the color of your lightsaber (and your side of The Force). The developers claim their app to be the only truly interactive lightsaber app in Play Market, and that seems true.
There’s still much more to rework in this app. We’re sure it would look much greater with Google Cardboard and a Bluetooth controller with a gyroscope as a grip, maybe even a specially made one. But even now it seems a must-have app for each fan.

Star Wars Wikia app

Wikia StarWars

What do we know about that galaxy far, far away? With StarWars Wikia you may know (or query) absolutely anything! Yes, including Camino. All the characters, events, movies and TV shows, planets and nations, starship types and weapons, Force philosophy and midichlorian basics, it’s all here. The Wikia is full of photo and video content, behind-the-stage info and Expanded Universe quotations.
There is both inner and outer info. If you want to see the galaxy far, far away from the inside, you may concentrate on the Star Wars world. You can as well read about the movies, TV series, animated seasons, comics, read more about actors, filmmaking, special effects and other info on what Star Wars looked like in our world.
If you think you can contribute into this Wikia, you can do it with this app. You may authorize with Facebook or create an independent profile.
Contents of Wikia are available in many languages so you won’t need C3PO to understand it.

Not the prettiest wallpapers around

Wallpapers Of StarWars

And yes, you can decorate your smartphone like it deserves. It will shine like a reworked droid with new looks. The app brings you a lot of beautiful Star Wars pictures. You can see the original frames, artwork inspired by Star Wars, posters and posteroids. What do you want to see on your screen behind your icons and widgets? Darth Vader’s helmet? A lightsaber fight? The Millennium Falcon rising? The Death Star attacked by rebels? It’s all here, and many more pics.
The only problem is about image sides ratio. Some of the pics are good for tablets, some are great for smartphones, so they can look great in portrait mode but distorted in the landscape, and vice versa. You’ll have to select the right wallpaper yourself. But still, the pics are great, and the app lets you set them as wallpapers easily.

The interface is glitchy

News for Star Wars

A real Saga fan will feel satisfied after second or third séance of The Force Awakens, but it’s not for long. The next Episodes are already planned, the prequels and spinoffs will enhance the Saga, and we always want more announces, trailers, comments and leaks.
News for Star Wars is an aggregator that stores both official and fan sources you can read about Star Wars from. Of course it’s the official SW site, the actors’ sites, fan communities represented on Web. Open any of these to read the latest news in most pleasant versions. There’s nothing but text and pics.
Each source is displayed as a column of previews. You just have to tap on the headline to read the full version, and it’s as readable as can be. The built-in browser opens external links as well. So you can keep track of what’s new in Star Wars universe without keeping a pile of bookmarks in your default browser.

Star Words App

Star Words

Anyone who has seen at least one episode of The Saga remembers that opening crawl in the deep space full of stars. The Star Words app lets you wrap any text into this famous running crawl. You can enter the name of the episode, the title, the text itself paragraph by paragraph.
If you have an MP3 of that famous opening music, you can add it yourself. The developers replaced it with their own audio piece, obviously, due to copyright issues.
The resulting video can be shared any traditional way. You can send it via email, upload to YouTube, send to your page in social network services, and so on. The creating process is as easy as can be. It’s a great tool to make a creative card for your friends if they’re hooked on Star Wars too.
The title logo remains unchanged unless you “use a little Force”. This is a euphemism for buying a premium version, but in fact, you don’t have to, as the logo fits into your message well, whatever it is.
So, may the Force be with your Android. We left some funny apps overboard. Yes, there are apps like Darth Vader live wallpapers, Wookie and R2D2 translation apps, a flashlight with lightsaber onscreen effects, a Jedi name generator, and many others. But we’ll return to it, probably by Episode VIII.

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  • S
    5 years ago
    I want to thank God and creator of these apps, i wouldn't be surprised if this is one person!) I Always wanted to be a part of Star Wars history and now I have so many stuff like photos and e.t.c. in this theme. Gosh, I can talk like Darth Vader! Yes, I'm a big fan.
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  • T
    5 years ago
    Good collection. I like News for Star Wars. Reading news with "long time ago..." effect is awesome.
  • j
    5 years ago
    Omg! Worstapps ever! Feels like it some fucking shit from these crazy fans fools all world...
  • B
    5 years ago
    That's really fun for fans of the Star Wars. I usually don't like enjoy apps but these ones are nice.
  • R
    5 years ago
    I installed "Darth Vader Voice Changer" three days ago. It was really fun to talk with friends like Darth Vader, especially when you're drunk;)
  • T
    5 years ago
    I've installed lightsaber app some time ago and forgot about it. But today, in the morning everyone at parking were surprised with this magic sounds! hehe
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