The Sims 4: Realm of Magic Will Be Released Soon

The Sims 4: Realm of Magic Will Be Released Soon on Freepps Top Blog

This September spells, incantations, and wizardry will flood The Sims 4 as the new DLC is exclusively dedicated to the magic. Flying broomsticks, black cats, ominous whispers, fortune-telling crystal balls, and Marilyn Manson's crooning — all witches and warlocks are invited to join the Black Mess in The Sims 4!

Witchcraft Unlimited

The Sims 4: Realm of Magic screen

The DLC premiered on PC and Mac OS on September 10, 2019. In the mystical new expansion, players will have to brew potions, learn and practice spells, earn magic XP points and also engage in 1 on 1 wizard battles, which is a bit reminiscent of Harry Potter movies.

Realm of Magic is a rare example of a DLC designed upon numerous requests from the fan community. And it's partly inspired by the "Makin' Magic" expansion pack released back in 2003. And now, 16 years later the vibe of paranormal and unimaginable is back.

Some of the new stuff you'll get to fiddle with includes:

  • Familiar. Some sort of magic pets that you can link to your Sim-persona. Familiars include dragons, glowfrogs, fairies, phoenixes, black cats/dogs, etc. They can be summoned and their presence positively affects the owner's magical might.
  • Glimmerbrook. The new mountainous world you will explore. It features a portal to the parallel reality called Magic Realm. It's a place with the Magic Academy and beautiful purple islands weightlessly floating in the sky. And of course, fantastic beasts of all types dwell there. 
  • Spellcasters. A new character type, they greatly resemble Sim-witches. The primary occupation of every single spellcaster is brewing potions, learning spells and progressing through a magic ranking system. What's even cooler, you can convert your existing Sims into this type.
  • Various stuff. Magic wands, Spellcasting, Ancient Bloodline trait, Purveyor of Potions aspiration, and so forth.

Additionally, players will be able to try out new sorcerer clothes, select a bizarre hairstyle, upgrade a magic wand, etc. A huge part of the gameplay revolves around dueling other characters. And apart from deadly magic clashes, you'll also get to brew love potions.

Console Release

Xbox and PS4 owners will have to wait more than a month to test Magic Realm DLC. Its release date has been set for October 15, 2019.  Currently, only a desktop version is available. It can be purchased via Origin store for $19.99. Have you tried the Realm of Magic yet? Do you think it has a rather powerful spell system? Share your opinion with us!

Watch the PS4 trailer here.

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