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Who would have thought that ordering delivery could turn out to be such a challenge? Yep, calling a restaurant to order a meal is often too tedious. They might put you on hold or mishear you a thousand times. Furthermore, declaring your cc number makes all of us feel like cavemen in the middle of the 21st century. And why all the hassle with phone calls when all you need is your favorite pasta and some soda?

Fortunately, there are tons of excellent swift meal delivery services that come into play whenever you need food brought (almost) right onto your table. To make the most of these apps, all you need to do is install them on your mobile phone or tablet, choose your most preferred food from the menu, make an order, get the transaction going via the most convenient payment method, and — voilà — your favorite yummies are on their way to your house.

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Below, you will find our picks for the top 10 must-try food delivery application services of the year.

Zomato: More Than Just a Digital Restaurant Search App


Zomato is an excellent digital restaurant venue search application that used to be called Foodiebay. The team behind Zomato has recently expanded the app functionality by adding the possibility to order and deliver meals within major capitals of the world. Today, the Zomato application is available in over 20 countries across the globe, making hungry and tech-savvy people happy.

By taking advantage of Zomato, you access the selection of the top restaurants near your current location. In addition to this, Zomato also functions as a social networking app for foodies. You’re free to join the community of other users, follow people you like, explore their food-themed reviews, comments, and other types of feedback.

UberEats: Perfect for Uber Enthusiasts

Uber Eats

This fantastic food delivery application is accessible from across the whole wide world. UberEats helps its users choose their top favorite dishes from the restaurants and grocery stores nearby — and have them delivered, naturally. It’s worth mentioning that UberEats and Uber are two separate platforms. However, if you can rely upon your Uber driver’s skills, perhaps you can count on them in terms of bringing you your favorite pizza as well.

FoodPanda: Extensive Restaurant Database


FoodPanda is another massively sought after food delivery application. With its developers based in the heart of Germany, the app is used in over 40 countries throughout the globe. The service collaborates with nearly 50,000 local venues in major cities of the world to offer ASAP food delivery. Basically, that’s why the app is so huge on the market — its users adore this immense freedom of choice.

Swiggy: Smart Food Delivery Application


The Swiggy application allows its clients to order their most adored yummies from the local restaurants and expect close to the speed-of-light delivery. The thing is, Swiggy detects the user’s exact whereabouts and i.e. the agent gets the possibility to deliver foods in the ASAP mode. In addition to this, the client gets to use their device to track their order. That way, it’s very easy for Swiggy fans to figure out when the order reaches their doors.

GrubHub: Great for iPhone & Android Users


This application was developed and released in 2004. Today, with offices in the UK and the US, GrubHub offers its users a huge database with more than 30,00 restaurants all over the USA and the rest of the world. The company boasts top of the line client support service that accepts and manages customer orders round the clock.

When using the app, you get to search for the food you fancy or look through the list of nearby restaurants. Just indicate your location, and the app will do the rest for you. You can choose a venue based on its working schedule, other users’ reviews, available special offers, etc. In other words, the GrubHub app is very functional and well-designed.

Deliveroo: Massively Popular in Europe


The Deliveroo app assists its customers in ordering tasty meal delivery from venues that don’t have delivery services of their own. This application was designed and released in the UK nine years ago. Today, it serves food to its users from nearly 17,000 restaurants. In accordance with the latest reports, UberEats is planning to purchase Deliveroo for a hefty sum of $2 billion. If this happens, UberEats is going to become even more successful.

Domino’s Pizza: Delish & as Fast as 30 Mins

Domino's Pizza

Looking to order the most delicious pizza near you without having to speak with anyone on the phone? Don’t hesitate to use the Domino’s Pizza application. This awesome delivery service guarantees pizza delivery within half an hour. Yep, it’s that fast. The application showers its users with various plum deals, discounts, and special offers. By using Domino’s Pizza, you get to choose the best from the best and enjoy the benefit of fast delivery as a fine bonus. The app allows various payment methods, which is very convenient.

Just Eat: Awesome Food Delivery Tool

Just Eat

Just Eat currently dominates the realm of food delivery applications in the UK. Designed and released in Denmark, this app flaunts bigger user coverage and a lot lengthier restaurant database compared to its multiple competitors. Moreover, because of the company’s highly effective business model, Just Eat offers very appealing delivery prices.

Three years ago, Just Eat reached an impressive number of 21 million users. Similar to the FoodPanda application approach, Just Eat users can adjust the search menu depending on their food preferences and make payments using their credit card or cash upon delivery. The Just Eat application is very popular in Canada as well.

DoorDash: Dominates the Scene in North America


This application crashes its competitors when it comes to delivering food in Canada and the US. The DoorDash food delivery company checks the quality of food they deal with, controls the delivery speed, and generally goes the extra mile when it’s about making their customers happy. ‘DoorDash Delight’ is among the application features that integrates a rating functionality based on the food quality and restaurant reviews. In other words, food delivery by DoorDash boasts stellar quality.

Postmates: Food & Alcohol Delivery Service


This meal-delivery application successfully services over 200 US cities. Upon placing your order with Postmates, their food valet heads towards the specific restaurant to pick up your meal. Then, they deliver foods you’ve ordered directly to your home. The company partners with the finest restaurants in the US and Mexico, providing its customers with impeccable 24/7 service.

Postmates won’t attract you with its high delivery charges. However, it offers some really yummy deals instead. So make sure you keep tabs on their special offers if you’re planning to use this application. It’s important to mention the Postmates delivery app also provides groceries, gifts, and alcohol delivery. Cheers to that pleasant bonus!

What’s Your Favorite Food Delivery App?

Have you tried any of the above-listed food delivery services? Perhaps you already have your favorite application for meal delivery purposes? Don’t forget to share its name and ultimate perks with us in the comment section below. We’ll be delighted to receive feedback from you because we appreciate your opinion greatly. If you have questions about the applications we’ve dwelled upon in this post, don’t hesitate to make the most of the comment box below, as well.

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