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Could anything new be possibly invented in weather apps? In fact, nothing, especially after Google has revamped its general search app so it shows more detailed information. But Morecast developers have found their own way to bring an entirely new weather forecast experience to your phones.

More than just a forecast, that’s what they put in a simple and unique name. When you start the app it quickly shows the process of analyzing its sources. This is a fast and spectacular loading process impressing by those enormous numbers you flick through with the app.

When you’re reading the forecast, look matters. The appearance of Morecast looks noble, if that’s the right word. The start screen displays only the current temperature and weather conditions in your place, and you have to swipe up to see more. The things you'll find there include:

a detailed daily forecast
an extended forecast for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow,
a 7-day forecast, 
a map with a radar showing conditions shifting within some time before and after the moment. 
You run into the only inconvenience when you try zooming the map with a two-finger gesture; that’s not the case.

The precision is as great as can be. Not only you get the report and forecast for your city, but for the spot you’re actually at. And even if you’re inside at the moment, just open your window and look out to check whether Morecast is wrong.

The Navigation Weather feature can be even more useful. It’s a dynamic forecast that shows the upcoming weather all along your route at the time you’re supposed to be at certain points. This feature will help you to optimize your traveling considering the weather to come.

Morecast appMorecast appMorecast app

You might may big use of another specific feature. The app can show two cities on the same screen and compare the weather report for both. That may help you to make your choice which of them to visit today or on other day or go through as you travel along.

There’s a great option for frequent travelers. If you change your places often you may have to switch between multiple devices as phone standards of different countries may differ, so a CDMA phone from the US may be useless in Europe or Asia. So you can sync your devices with Morecast by creating your profile. 

You can add places of interest and quickly read the forecast for any of them. And your selection will not depend on your device. Morecast does not provide registration of its own, so you can use third-party services: Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

The service gets even more social when you start following your friends or get followed. Just like Instagram encourages you to share your viewed moments or Swarm motivates to share locations, Morecast lets you share the weather around you. All you have to do is capture a photo, comment it with a short text, and publish it on Morecast and other social media pages. 

  Instagram encourages you to share your moments, while Morecast lets you share the weather around you.

The other side of this feature results in beautiful and impressing photos you can watch through in the app and admire the nature’s variety and power. You don’t have to be the always-on-the-run kind of person to gain popularity on Morecast. The weather is what changes around us constantly, and you only have to capture the most picturesque moments.

And there’s a pleasant bonus: webcams accessible from all around the globe. And this time, you finally can zoom the map in and out as you usually do! There are webcams everywhere, from the US to Libya, from the Middle East to New Zealand. 

Sometimes it takes several seconds to establish a connection. It might be boring to watch a video from cameras in real time, so what you get is a time-lapse video with weather conditions changing about 200 times faster or even more.

Android users can also benefit from selectable widgets, from the simplest 1x1 to detailed 4x3 with a week forecast and detailed info on the current condition. iOS users can instead enjoy elaborate design for all sorts of devices, including different iPad editions.

Are there any drawbacks? The most serious reason to complain is being available in certain languages only while many non-English-speaking countries have yet to wait for the app to be localized. But anyway it’s all paid by the fact that the app is available for free.

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