Things To Know About Updated Google Fit

Things To Know About Updated Google Fit on Freepps Top Blog

Fitness apps give you an opportunity to keep all the information regarding your physical activity in one place. Those who enjoy tracking their fitness achievements with the help of Google Fit can now enjoy visual improvements in the application and a number of new useful features.

Which updates have been introduced into the app?

When it comes to design, the visuals of the application have become significantly brighter and more colorful. The way you can see the information in the application has also changed. Previously, you had to swipe in order to view the activity details, such as distance, steps, a number of burned calories, durations, etc. Now these metrics are displayed at the top of the page for maximum convenience. Also, you can see a progress ring for every day of the week.

Bright and colorful design of the updated Google Fit app

When it comes to the navigation drawer, it now includes a Timeline section, which is something like a log of all the activities that you were up to throughout the day. With the help of the drop-down menus, you can choose to see the details for a day, week, or month. Moreover, you have an opportunity to select the type of information that should be displayed – the steps, calories, distance, or active time.

Another great feature added to the Google Fit app is setting goals. You have a chance to set your own specific goal or choose from the fitness goals offered by the app, which can be quite useful. If you want to set several goals, you can easily do so in the app, and they will appear in a list in a place of the progress ring. Besides the mentioned features, you are now able to add widgets for both your activity progress and the goals.

Are you an active user of fitness apps? What do you think about this Google Fit update? Feel free to tell us in the comments.

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