Tinder Goes Matchmaking With New Features

Tinder Goes Matchmaking With New Features on Freepps Top Blog

The world of dating has definitely expanded with the appearance of various dating apps several years ago. More and more functions appear to help us find a person we like, and now you can not only find a potential partner for yourself but also have fun matching your friend with someone you think they may like.

Tinder has presented us with the possibility of sharing profiles of other users so that you can improve not only your love life but help out your friends in the process.

How it works?

The new Tinder feature is currently in the testing phase, so it’s only tried by a few selected users of the application. When it’s available to everyone, all you will have to do to activate this function is tap the “Share” button and choose a friend. After that, your friend receives a link in a message and decides whether to swipe right or left.

The interesting thing about this matchmaking feature is that the link is not permanent and it expires after 72 hours or after your friend clicks on it five times. It’s also an excellent way to ask your friend’s opinion on someone that you find attractive but can’t decide.

When you swipe on the profile that was sent to you by a friend, a person may be visible in your recommendations.

If for some reason, you don’t like this new addition, you have a choice to disable the feature for yourself by doing so in “Discovery” settings.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this interesting new function in the comments.

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