Tinder: Making Your World Go Round With Fantastic People

Tinder: Making Your World Go Round With Fantastic People on Freepps Top Blog

The world is going global and one of the things that bind people together in an amazing fashion is social media. However, apart from the mainstream social media platforms like Facebook and twitter, which many people believe to be overused and also abused, there are some other great social media applications that can give your life a meaning. Have you heard about the dating app from Tinder Inc.? It is one of the newest platforms through which you can connect with interesting people from across the globe. When you want to make new and meaningful friends, you just have to come to Tinder.

With a swipe of the finger, you match with people or pass on

How Tinder works

The mechanism of the app is that when you download it on your mobile device, you will get lots and lots of recommendations from Tinder. However, Tinder will only recommend interesting people to you. It is now left for you to choose the people to become friends with. Of course, the fact that you are left to choose the ones you want to be friends with is a good part of the application. When the images and names of the people appear as recommended on your screen, you can either swipe right to like or you can swipe left to pass on. Now, when you swipe right to like a recommended person and the person likes you back, both of you can begin to chat and exchange images and videos.

Reviews by the media world

The greatness of this application, which can be downloaded from our website is shown in what the mainstream media organizations are saying about it. Many of them have reviewed this social application and have given their verdicts and observations about it. According to the prestigious Forbes, it is “The world’s hottest app”. The great New York Magazine describes the Tinder application and network by saying that “Tinder solved online dating for women”. According to the Time Magazine, “Tinder has become something of a cultural phenomenon”, while ELLE Magazine says that “Tinder is perfect for women”.

Now, the download of this iPhone application is free of charge and it has more than 6 billion people to match with already. This means that it will not be difficult before people you like and cherish are recommended to you. People in your area who you may like but have not gotten the chance to establish friendship with can also be found here.

Find Love and Lust through Tinder

Tinder Plus

A review of this application shows that it has pledged to be free the entire time, but can also offer you some extra features. If you want to unlock these new additional features like passport, you can do this with the Tinder plus.  

Other information about Tinder

The newer version of the tinder application is the 4.5.0 version and this comes with new features like verified profile, which adds a badge to indicate that a profile belongs to a notable figure and has been verified as true. It also comes with other improvements and bug fixes.

This application that comes with a wonderful rating in its review from users has a size of 25.1 MB. It was updated in Jul 07, 2015, it is compatible with the apple watch, and comes in multiple languages including English, Chinese, Italian and many others from Africa, Europe, Asia and America. This makes it an app that everybody from everywhere can enjoy. With the multiple languages, you can accept recommendations of people from many other tribes and cultures, and will have the chance to interact with them and explore their world.

This app brings the world together and this indicates that you need it. It comes with mature and suggestive themes regularly, with irregular nudity and mild sexual content. The application is compatible with any apple gadget with the iOS 7.1 or later, including iPhone 5, 6 and 6 plus, iPad, and iPod touch. If you really want pure entertainment with some flirting to garnish it up, get this application today.

You can also share your lifestyle with friends on tinder

In one of the feedbacks from the current users, one of the girls narrated how her friend introduced her to Tinder and she thought it was a hookup website in the first place. But after most of the people she matched with refused to start up the chat, she met a boy who said hello to her first. However, at the moment, they are getting ready for their wedding and the rest is history. But one thing struck me. They chatted for a very long time on Tinder before meeting, and on the first day of the meeting, the guy asked her if he can call her his girlfriend. Tinder works wonders.

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