Tinder US is Testing a Video Chat

Tinder US is Testing a Video Chat on Freepps Top Blog

The popular dating app, Tinder, is testing a new feature that lets users go on video dates when both users of a match agree to start a chat. The feature is already available for the US users from Virginia, Illinois, Georgia, and Colorado as well as for users from 12 countries in South America, Asia, and Europe.

Tinder Needs a Boost

The feature is called to support the growth of the app during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has notably slowed the user base growth since March. From December 2019, the service has attracted only 100,000 new paid users, which is almost 4 times less than in Q1 2019. The average revenue per user grew by only 2%.

The parent company, Match, says that it had tested the video chat feature several times before the outbreak, but users weren’t involved enough. Coronavirus has changed the market, so now the app encourages users to go chatting to prevent them from switching to rival apps like Bumble.

Easy to Use

The new option becomes available only when both users toggle the video chat feature. As a result, the discussion comes up to a video meeting in a natural way. Both users also have to sign up for the agreement to state that they won’t expose nudity, sexual content, harassment, and other offensive and illegal activities. It’s not clear how the company will moderate such chats, but users are offered to leave a review at the end of each conversation. As Tinder SEO Elie Seidman says, they will integrate machine learning for better moderation, but that’s all we know for now.

Learning on Mistakes

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The end of the test period is planned for September. The feature will be launched globally as soon as the company finishes all the preparations and resolves potential problems with legal matters. Will you use the new feature or do you prefer to use Tinder the old way? Join the conversation and share the news with friends.

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