TiVo Pay TV Customers Get the Amazon Prime Video App

TiVo Pay TV Customers Get the Amazon Prime Video App  on Freepps Top Blog

If you are one of those who prefer watching TV with a TiVo box, you will probably be pleased to hear that this digital TV provider now supports Amazon Prime Video (APV). The app will be integrated into the firmware soon.

Amazon Runs Through TiVo

Getting access to Amazon Prime requires a TiVo box and a pay-TV subscription. Gradually, the app will roll out for various TiVO devices across the USA.

Not that it delivers any free content or provides any discount. But if you are on both TiVo Pay-TV and Amazon Prime, you can enjoy perfect native integration now. That is, Amazon Prime content is available on your TV with the app. You won’t even have to launch the app separately: it’s compatible with OneSearch, the search system by TiVo that does the search across on-demand videos, live-TV, and connected streaming services. In addition, it supports the TiVo voice remote (in case Alexa is not your option). 

Amazon Prime also participates in TiVo’s OnePass program. This subscription means that you can use any source to access the featured shows. 


What happens is rather Amazon’s expansion than TiVo’s update. The streaming video platform by the cloud giant makes its way onto various platforms this year. Earlier the app was introduced on Altice USA and Virgin Media.

As Andrew Bennett, the director of worldwide business development for APV, states, the priority of Amazon Video is delivering the content to the Prime members, regardless of what hardware and users they prefer. TiVo is quite a popular platform, so entering it was a principal question for Amazon.

On the other hand, TiVo now can offer more services, keeping the audience on its native hardware and subscriptions. It’s hard to tell whether TV boxes will go the way of smartphones, becoming versatile content-delivering machines. But, as a TiVo subscriber can now access Amazon videos without the necessity to buy a Fire TV or connect a smartphone, it looks great.

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