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Nowadays, we live in the world full of dangers, which lie in wait for us everywhere. Our smartphones aren’t in a better situation with all those malicious programs and applications.

On the Internet, one may stumble upon lots of disputes concerning the necessity of antivirus applications on our mobile devices.

In fact, if you search for new apps only in trusted sources where all of them are controlled and verified, you may be almost sure that any virus will infect your Android smartphone. Besides, try not to click on suspicious links sent by unknown people.

In case, you want to be one hundred percent sure in your phone’s safety, you may use an additional protection in a way of one of the antivirus apps from our top collection. All of them have both free basic and payment required function packages. 

CM Security

CM Security Key Features

Who hasn’t heard of CM Security antivirus app by CleanMaster creators? It’s characterized by a successful history of protecting mobile device absolutely free of charge. App locking is one of the app’s most interesting features, which not only protect your privacy with a graphical password but takes photos of anyone who failed to enter the right password twice. Some devices also support a fingerprint scanner for this purpose. 

The Applock feature protects your social net accounts and phone gallery from anyone curious. Even private chats won’t be displayed in notifications. It will also allow preventing kids from making purchases or settings changes. CM Security may also clean the system and boost your device just in one tap. Besides, you may define the current location of your smartphone on a map and activate an alarm, if needed.

Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Award-Winning Security Service

One more well-known name belongs to the Kaspersky antivirus app. It can save your Android-running gadget from viruses, spyware, and Trojans as well as from the unwanted people trying to reach you (via filters). The app works perfectly on both tablets and phones due to the optimization. The basic version performs the on-demand scanning.

The monthly subscription is $10 and the yearly one is about $15 for two devices. This money presupposes real-time smartphone and cloud protection, anti-phishing and anti-theft options, and alarm for the lost device (works even in the silent mode). Do not forget about the free 30-day trial. Still, bear in mind that it’s not a lightweight app and may slow down some of the mid- and low-range devices. 

ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

ESET Mobile Security Functionality

The basic part of this app is free and allows to detect the “bad” apps and viruses. ESET performs the automatic or on-demand app scanning. No one will be able to uninstall your apps thanks to the password protection of this option. It also supports the anti-theft SMS-commands and tablet-compatible interface. There’s even a tutorial for the safe mobile browsing. 

Extra features are offered for $20 a year with a month of a free trial. For this money, you’ll be notified of any suspicious activity, will be able to make a schedule for file and app scanning (including the on-charger scanning for saving the battery), to see all the app permissions, to block the unwanted SMS and calls, etc.

360 Security

360 Security Design and Features

Being one of the most popular apps, this antivirus app focuses on the threat, malware, and spyware detecting. What’s more, the built-in junk cleaner and memory booster tools are also very useful for making one’s smartphone more productive and fast as well as prolonging its battery life. All this may be done by one tap only. If you wish, you can locate your device and remotely wipe all the private info as a part of anti-theft option, too. The best part is that it has only one version, which doesn’t require any donations. 

Avast! Mobile Security

Mobile Security Scanning and Protecting Options

Avast is one of the most well-known and popular apps in its niche. Its anti-theft features give a user an opportunity to control his stolen device to lock it and wipe the data. Avast has the highest rating in malware detection due to the virus and malware scanner. It also detects the app vulnerabilities. Besides, its work is almost unnoticed for the battery draining and device’s general performance. 

The Premium $2 monthly or $14 yearly subscription fee allows to lock any app with a password the free version is limited by two apps only, giving 3 attempts for unlocking, to get informed of the fact that your phone has left a set perimeter and to activate the siren, to retrieve personal data remotely, etc. 

Norton Security and Antivirus

Norton Security and Antivirus Protection

As compared to its earlier versions, the latest Norton antivirus app has undergone a lot of changes towards the positive side. Still, it is rather “demanding” and “heavy” but provide perfect protection from viruses and malware. It allows to locate and block the device and the data stored on it, if needed. Furthermore, there’s a locking option, which activates after entering 10 wrong passwords. What’s more, the synchronizing feature is also available for contacts and other personal files back-up. 

You’ll have to pay $30 for a yearly subscription (or to try it during a 30-day period) with advanced features such as web browsing protection, automatic checking for malicious apps, risks, and excessive battery and data usage. 

Avira Antivirus Security

Key Positions of Avira Antivirus Security

Avira will also keep your Android device safe without almost no influence on its performance.  It may fulfill an on-demand scanning of the already installed apps and an automatic checking of the new ones and their updates. Anti-theft and blocking packages are also included as well as an option for protection from the unauthorized access to your private data and email account. 

Though the in-app purchases, one can upgrade the app to its premium version which goes for $12 yearly. It includes blockage of the infected websites while browsing, more regular updates with the newest anti-malware technologies and virus databases. 

Dr. Web Security Space

Dr. Web Security Space Can Monitor Your Battery and Data Usage

Dr. Web is believed to be one of the most advanced and complex antivirus protectors on the market, compatible with the Android 4.0+ devices. It can fulfill both the express scanning and the profound system scanning, which detects even the unknown malware. Be sure that you have enough time for the full checking. Dr.Web may boast of anti-spam and anti-theft features including the one of certain people notifying, in case of changing your SIM card, and even of the firewall support. It provides users with a detailed statistics of scanning. 

The only catch is that the app will be free for 14 days only and then you should make a purchase. As for the paid versions of Dr. Web Security Space, they are three in number: $9.90 for a year / $18.80 for 2 years / $75 forever Though, it’s very unlikely that someone would like to spend $75 for the smartphone’s additional protection only.

AVG Antivirus Security

AVG Antivirus Security Free and Pro Options

AVG supports 32 languages. Except for the virus and spyware protection, AVG Antivirus Security offers task-killing for boosting the phone, remote wiping of personal data, controlling of the battery, storage, and data usage levels. Moreover, it may identify the “security holes” and give advice for their fixing. If you can’t find your smartphone, you can make it “scream” in order to identify its location (even if it’s silent). 

One month of enjoying premium features costs $4 while you may pay only $15 for the 12 months. This includes app locking, blacklists creating, using the Camera Trap (for catching a person trying to unlock your device), Device and App Lock features, App Backup to a SD card, etc. The last 4 features may be used for free during one month.

Lookout Security & Antivirus

Lookout: Powerful Mobile Security App

It’s one of the first antivirus applications, designed for the Android platform. Almost 100 million active users worldwide are happy with the Lookout Security & Antivirus app installed on their mobile devices, because it provides them with the continuous malicious content protection. When the battery is very low, the app automatically detects its location… you know, just in case. It also blocks the dangerous or suspicious websites you are trying to browse. 

A month and a year of Premium Version usage will cost you $3 and $30 respectively. Privileges include anti-theft email alerts with a photo of a potential thief, safe browsing, privacy issues advisor, and all the data and call history backup. One may use these features for 14 days for free and device, whether to make a purchase or to be content with the basic options. 

The Bottom Line

You can see that all the aforementioned applications offer their users various packages of additional functions, except for the antivirus protection only. The functionality of these apps doesn’t vary greatly, so you may give a try to one of them, which seems to be the most attractive and affordable to you. We’ve tried to list the mobile antivirus apps according to their rating. Still, it’s better to choose a favorite on the basis of a personal user experience and your device’s characteristics.

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  • W
    5 years ago
    LEO Privacy is a top powerful security app! It make my phone protected by anti theft! The main feature of LEO privacy which i like most is: Private album and video --- i can hide my personal photos and video which no one can see it, now the next feature is -- anti theft this is the main function of the app so many people have fear about the lost of there phone but i m fear free because i have LEO Privacy Anti-theft feature!!
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  • c
    5 years ago
    i dun need no protection he said haha
  • H
    5 years ago
    What would you advise? All applications are nearly identical , but some of them are better than the other.
  • T
    5 years ago
    Hm, what i could say. At first, i already checked, and so i could say dat they r good or bad, about 4 of ur antiviruses. So, let's start. CM Security. First in his trend, who started to use on Android theft-killer and camera-trap. But, if look rly as antivirus, not as helpful prog - it not giving what they promised. Also, they recommend u to clean history of browser every week, what don't do else. For example, i now would say about AVG, what is best from all of that. AVG Protection. I discovered dat prog recently, but I'm enjoyed of it for 100%. It have dat utilities - anti-theft/theft-killer and camera-trap, but also it rly have ANTIVIRUS! It found 3 my own viruses, dat i was creating. It hadn't they in their base, but they find in unique code script, dat they have! I was greatly surprised. Also, i got it from Xperia partner system, PRO-period for 6 months. Other antiviruses don't have partner systems(it also have it with Lenovo series Vibe and Samsung series S) Avast. Dat's a legend. First of my antivirus on PC, and first on ADV. Nothing to say here - they really give, what they promise. But they rarely update their bases, so ur ADV could be in danger cause of new types of viruses. And i also wanna say about ESET. They just get ur money for PRO version and don't give nothing exchange. Rly. Their PRO version don't differ from free version of CM, for example. I recommend u AVG(but only PRO), Avast(here don't mean, free or pro) and CM(free 4 all)
  • N
    5 years ago
    Thanks for good apps, now my phone is protected from many suspicious programs. It'll save my phone)
  • A
    5 years ago
    Interesting, but I think that Android OS does not need anti-virus application, if you have a common sense.
  • S
    5 years ago
    I don't have any.
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