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When we speak of entertainment, we mean this wide and large domain as it is, with all the things humankind has invented for fun. But a glance at Apple’s top entertainment apps makes it clear that TV and movies lead the way today. As you will see, Top 10 entertainment apps are mostly about movies and TV shows. Now we see what iPhone needs a large screen for!


TV shows and movies, hot hits and classics, exclusive production and licensed flicks by other makers are brought to your iDevice by Netflix. The undisputable number one in streaming videos, and not only on App Store, Netflix offers its app for free, if you’re a subscriber already. If not, you can get your subscription right from the app, at the same pricing. What you get is the largest list of TV shows made in the USA as well as in other countries, for local markets, some of them becoming worldwide hits.

The app features a structured index, a search system, reviews, and trailers, announces and comments. Select the titles you prefer and the app will recommend you something you’ll probably like too. You can stream movies in real time or cache them to watch later while offline.

The service offers three plans, from $7.99 to $11.99 monthly, with all of them delivering the whole movie and show base. The difference affects the resolution of videos and the number of screens you can stream Netflix shows to simultaneously. Your subscription via iPhone is valid on whatever device you connect.

Hulu Watch TV Shows & Movies

It’s another app that brings the TV power down to your mobile. Hulu is a TV provider that offers channels like FOX, ABC, NBC, ESPN, FX, NBCSN, FS1, CBS, History Channel, TNT, and many others. One of its pros is a flexible selection of plans that lets you select your favorite channels.

Hulu subscription is also versatile; after subscribing on your iPhone you can watch movies on iPad and MacBook, as well as on your PC, Roku, or Smart TV. Your subscription can contain up to six profiles for your family that get more and more personalized as the service analyzes your preferences.

Hulu’s pricing is similar to Netflix, but it offers features like live streaming of sports and news, more licensed content, and up to six devices to view a broadcast at the same time. Alas, it’s only available for the US residents.

Amazon Prime Video

Highly customized and localized, Amazon Prime Video delivers your favorite shows and movies, according to what you like and where you reside. The primary pro of this app is the ability to download movies and episodes to watch them later.

It has all it takes to watch movies comfortably. While watching you can open movie’s IMDb page, automatically proceed to the next episode of shows and navigate like in regular video players. The index is rich enough to include much more than just mainstream Hollywood or European movies.

The app can also be installed on an Apple TV to make your TV experience better. You won’t need your iPhone to stream videos on TV while you still can use its own screen.

So, Amazon Prime Video is the perfect choice for those already with Amazon, or those who go offline too often (like, say, spend much time on planes). The pricing is even more moderate than that of those above.

Fandango Movie Tickets & Times

If you’re a diehard cinema fan, believing that no mobile or home experience compares to what you get in IMAX or, okay, even in the regular theatre, there’s still an app for you. Fandango monitors all the cinemas around you and tells you where to go today or tomorrow.

If you’re interested in a particular movie, you can watch the trailer, find the times and places it’s on, and book your seats. Otherwise, you can just browse theaters around you, select the genres you like, and, again, watch trailers. Payment system is integrated with Apple Pay.

Its integration with iMessage is great for planning your movie plans with friends. Buying more tickets means deals and bargains for you. Its premium features can be combined with those of Fandango’s partners, including, for example, Disney, so you’ll get a special reward for attending Lucasfilm, Marvel, or Disney’s own titles with Fandango.

Enjoy a special type of experience on any iDevice, from Apple Watch to iPad. And don’t forget to silence your iPhone when the movie starts!

ABC – Live TV & Full Episodes

The ABC channel is one of the greatest content providers for our TV series era. The major reason to install this all is, of course, TV shows. But streaming live news or sport event broadcasting can be just as attractive.

Titles like Grey’s Anatomy, Body of Proof, How to Get Away with Murder and many other are popular enough to grant this app a place in the Top 5. The way it looks and works is similar to Netflix and other content providers’ apps. Be aware that your local TV provider can substitute live streams.

The difference is that you can log in with your TV provider account if its plan includes ABC. If not, you can create your personalized account within the app and watch some selected episodes for free. There’s no additional cost for using the app.

Flixster - Showtimes + Tickets

The app that starts with F has many more similarities with Fandango and it’s all about flicks. It also helps you in finding titles and times, booking your seats, finding theatres around you and week premieres. In fact, its ticketing part is powered by Fandango, so it works the same way.

But it has much more to tell about the movies you’re about to watch. It has Rotten Tomatoes ratings integrated, so you can track the dynamics in real time and decide whether this or that movie is worth it. It also features a news section covering cinema news.

Don’t hurry to get its latest updates: sometimes they injure its functionality, so you’ll have to wait for the next one to fix it. You better watch reviews before updating.

iFunny :)

Well, the first one on our list that has nothing to do with movies. Except for, of course, movie-based memes. iFunny is a meme provider that brings you the best funny pictures and videos found on the Internet, on resources like Twitter, Instagram, and other socials.

You just need to select your country to get your memes in your language (it’s not hard because so far the app only covers USA and Brazil, still being available worldwide). Then you just scroll the memes left and right, and when some of them make you LYAO, you can just share them via any app you prefer.

HBO GO: Stream with TV Package

No, GO doesn’t mean “Game Of…”, because there are many other reasons to love HBO. And we don’t only mean Westworld, True Detective, Sex and the City or The Sopranos. In addition to new movies and episodes, each week you get tons of news, comedy specials, documentaries and all the stuff we like to watch on TV, at the top of quality.

HBO subscription purchased through this app is valid on whatever device you prefer, so you can as well install the app to your TV console or PC. There is a special iPad version that gets the most out of its larger screen. The service is only officially available in the USA and some US territories.

Dubsmash - Lip Sync & Dance

Here comes the second app that’s not about watching movies, and the only one of our entertainment apps that encourages you to generate content while having fun. Dubsmash is an app for dubbing popular songs, movie and show scenes, speeches and other stuff with your own looks and voice. So you will look like you do but sound like your favorite actor or actress, singer or emcee, standup comedian or blogger.

The app has all the tools to create your own videos to the famous sounds and upload them directly to its cloud. So it has its own social network, a perfect field for sowing and harvesting likes and followers. Lightminded as it gets, the app delivers that mindless fun of being a kid copying adults, and then catching up with them.

Last but not least: you can import your own sounds, upload them to its library, and let others dub it. And don’t care about copyrights: leave it to Dubsmash to present all of your activity as fair use not subject to corresponding laws.

The NBC App – Stream TV Shows

And there is another official app by a famous TV channel, The National Broadcast Company. NBC is well-known for its programs as well as for series it produces. America’s Got Talent or Law & Order? Saturday Night Live or Midnight, Texas? Jimmy Fallon or Will & Grace? With this app you’ll have all of them in your pocket.

The app offers series and episodes on demand or in live streaming. It presents NBC’s shows as a grid you can select from, and your favorite series and episodes can be saved in your Favorite section.

The sweetest part of it is free episodes you can watch even without logging in with your TV provider login and password. For most content, though, it’s required.

The Top 10 sustains for latest weeks, with half of its positions kept by television services, and this tendency in entertainment apps illustrates that TV is still king in the industry. Instead of confronting new interactive technologies, TV industry incorporates them, bringing us the new experience of watching. The cinema is also around. And there’s just one app that offers you some active entertainment, but it’s still copying the famous. But maybe that’s just Apple’s definition, and those who want something more active will find theirs in other tops?

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