Top 10 Minecraft Mods Pack to Boost Your Gaming Experience

Top 10 Minecraft Mods Pack to Boost Your Gaming Experience on Freepps Top Blog

If you’re asking yourself the eternal question about the best Minecraft mods, you’ve come to the right place. Because new Minecraft mod releases have been regularly unveiled since the game rollout date (2009), you can guess that there’s a whole bunch of fine mods to choose from.

In this post, we have boiled Minecraft, this awesome blocky phenomenon, down to the top 10 list featuring the best mods for Minecraft PE. These mods will definitely enhance your gaming experience and boost your exploration potential within the game. Enjoy learning more about them below.

Minecraft Mod #1. OPTIFINE / FASTCRAFT

Playing Minecraft on a potato? The Optifine mod will improve the overall look of the game for you. It supports HD textures and allows in-depth customization of the game’s visual settings. If you’ve got an outdated PC, you can alternatively opt for the Fastcraft mod. It boosts game performance on low-spec PCs immensely, especially if you already have a slew of mods for Minecraft in use.

Minecraft Mod #2. JOURNEYMAP

Minecraft Mod JOURNEYMAP

We all want to know where we’ve been, where we’re headed, and be able to predict what’s expecting us. Journeymap records your world exploration process, allows you to mark your route points, as well as specific locations you fancy, and sometimes even alerts you whenever mobs are hiding near you in the bushes. You can view the map the Journeymap mod creates in the small format, in fullscreen, and even in a separate browser.

Minecraft Mod #3. WAILA

This mod is an acronym for ‘What Am I Looking At’, and it’s such a game-changer when you’ve got tons of Minecraft mods in use. If you’re looking at an unknown object (read as: block), you just point your crosshair at it, and it fills you in about the details, as well as which mod the item you’re looking at originates from. If you’re dealing with the latest mods for Minecraft: Pocket Edition, WAILA can also let you know further details about that block — how well the battery is charged, for instance.

Minecraft Mod #4. CONTROLLING

The Controlling mod is pleasantly straightforward. It makes sorting out controls a lot easier, especially if you’ve already got a multitude of game mods installed. When making the most of this awesome interface mod, you’re free to just type the control you need in a search bar, and — voilà — you’re given an instant answer. We find this mod especially handy.

Minecraft Mod #5. DECOCRAFT

If you’re interested in making your Minecraft world a bit more diverse and visually attractive, Decocraft is what you should get immediately. It gives you the possibility to unveil your creative side and become a talented interior designer within your Minecraft world. The mod decorates your virtual world with chairs, laps, toys — the list of items is almost limitless. Feel free to ask us questions in the comments below if you need more specifications on this mod.

Minecraft Mod #6: PIG MANURE

At first sight, it may seem that Minecraft has everything. But it actually lacks something very important — doo doo. Yep, you heard us right, the game lacks poop, and we’re not ashamed to say it. This charming mod easily fixes this imperfection, making the pigs around you juicily drop steaming piles of poop once in a while, and i.e. supply you with a new, very useful resource for making bricks and building houses. That’s what we call turning poop to profit!

Minecraft Mod #7: CANDYCRAFT

Candycraft is a wonderful exploration mod for the candy-loving Minecraft players. This mod grants you the possibility to explore the world that’s made exclusively out of various yummies. You will come across marshmallow items and sugar-coated monsters to fight. This crave-inducing mod is definitely going to tickle your fancy — as well as your palate.

Minecraft Mod #8: BLOOD MAGIC

There are times when Minecraft is just too cute and sweet. That’s where various Minecraft mods step in, bringing forward some really dark visuals and hazardous gameplay elements to make your vanilla route more thrilling and goosebumps-inducing. Blood Magic is a mod that integrates some new mechanics that focus on getting power from the mob blood. When you collect enough blood, you can utilize it to create new dark magic items.


Minefactory Reloaded is considered to be the best and most comprehensive technology Minecraft mod. It adds a myriad of devices and machines that give you the possibility to automate all the processes within the gameplay. Furthermore, this mod performs excellently with many other similar mods that have been developed earlier.

Minecraft Mod #10: QUIVERBOW

If you’re looking for the Minecraft guns mod, give Quiverbow a try — it’s going to take your breath away, we promise. This mod focuses on enhancing that oldest and most fascinating of weapons — the bow and arrow. On the whole, Quiverbow is the ultimate mod for all the aspiring Minecraft archers.

Best Minecraft Mods Pack Releases

Minecraft boasts one of the most extensive modding communities out there. Hence, there’s a great deal of various Minecraft modifications and tons of modpacks. Some of them are really user-friendly, while others are not so easy to install and make the best out of. We’ll briefly let you in on the best Minecraft modpacks below:

  • Tekkit: this modpack for Minecraft is among the most sought after within the player community. It integrates batches of useful engineering mods and allows you to build multiple machines for various types of activities within the gameplay.
  • Hexxit: this Minecraft modpack is among the best as well. It adds a wide variety of foes and challenges to the gameplay making the game even more heart-pumping. As a result, you explore the new worlds, slay monsters, and embark on each fantastic journey with even more anticipation and excitement.
  • SkyFactory: this overwhelming mod pack features over 100 different mods and makes Minecraft more challenging. It resembles SkyBlock, but SkyFactory is a lot more fun and elaborate.

Top-Notch Mods for Minecraft PE: What’s Your Opinion?

Every Minecraft mod from the selection published above is accompanied by its own installation details. You should study all the instructions thoroughly prior to enjoying each mod. So, if you want to explore one-of-a-kind worlds and participate in super fun activities, make sure you download and install the mods we’ve recommended. Just make sure the mods you use are compatible with the game version you’ve opted for.

Have questions about Minecraft mods? Perhaps, you have some of your all-time-favorite mods in mind that you’d like us to add to our selection? Don’t hesitate to express your opinion below and start a fruitful discussion with your fellow Minecraft aficionados. We’re always delighted to receive feedback from our readers. And we value your opinion greatly.

Experience stunning worlds and unique activities that you won’t be able to do in the game without mods. Also, take care of the compatibility of your mod: make sure it works fine with the current game version, and you are all set to enter the new world.

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