Google Play Top Charts in August 2019: Best Games

Google Play Top Charts in August 2019: Best Games on Freepps Top Blog

August is the Sunday of summer — enjoyably smooth, laid back, and quiet. For the most part, expecting major, groundbreaking changes on our Google Play chart scene of August is counterproductive. At first sight, it may even seem that nothing is new under the mild August sun compared to the slightly hotter Android gaming tendencies of July. However, the beautiful month of August has managed to stir up the dynamics within our Google Play summer chart, after all. Read on to explore the changes and pinpoint the trends.

Rank IconGamePosition Change
1Garena Free Fire best game - Charts Google StoreGarena Free Fire

Garena International I Private Limited

2Subway Surfers best game - Charts Google StoreSubway Surfers


3Unblock Ball - Block Puzzle best game - Charts Google StoreUnblock Ball - Block Puzzle

Fun Free Fun

4Dunk Shot best game - Charts Google StoreDunk Shot


5Birdpapa™ - Bubble Crush best game - Charts Google StoreBirdpapa™ - Bubble Crush

Fun Free Fun

6PUBG MOBILE best game - Charts Google StorePUBG MOBILE

Tencent Games

7Block Puzzle Jewel best game - Charts Google StoreBlock Puzzle Jewel

hua wei wei

8Bubble Shooter best game - Charts Google StoreBubble Shooter

Happy Dragon Inc.

9Hill Climb Racing 2 best game - Charts Google StoreHill Climb Racing 2


10Bubble Shooter best game - Charts Google StoreBubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter

11Mr. GunMr. Gun


12Vegas Crime Simulator 2 best game - Charts Google StoreVegas Crime Simulator 2

Naxeex LLC

13Farm Heroes Saga best game - Charts Google StoreFarm Heroes Saga


14Fruit Puzzle - Link Line best game - Charts Google StoreFruit Puzzle - Link Line

Ms. Q

15Ludo King™ best game - Charts Google StoreLudo King™

Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd

16Truck Games for KidsTruck Games for Kids


17Bubble Shooter - Candy Bubble Studio game logoBubble Shooter

Candy Bubble Studio

18Special Forces Group 2Special Forces Group 2


19Knife Kit game logoKnife Hit


20Shoot Bubble - Fruit Splash game logoShoot Bubble - Fruit Splash



Just like we’ve promised above, the quiet summer vibes have spread out from July all the way to August, making you stick with your favorite titles with even more warmth and dedication. Thus, the first six positions of our Top Google Play Titles Chart haven’t changed a bit since July. Garena’s Free Fire battle royale title is still among your top favorites, which cannot but do full justice to its 4th-most-downloaded-game-worldwide 2018 status.

Subway Surfers, this awesome free running game, is among your top preferences as well. Unblock Ball, with its straightforward yet addictive gameplay, is breathing down Subway Surfers’ neck while occupying the third position of our August sun-soaked chart. The unchanged fourth position of the Dunk Shot title is easy to explain. You’re into this game because it’s fun and not too difficult for your relaxed summer state of mind.

You don’t need a bird's-eye view to notice the domination of the Birdpapa™ bubble shooter. The title is looking right at you from the noble fifth position. Give it a try, for it’s among the best bubble shooter games in our August listings. With regard to PUBG Mobile, the Android version of the game seems to run smoother than on Xbox, so it’s only natural that it has kept its well-deserved sixths position in our chart.

Now, that’s where things start taking unexpected turns. Vegas Crime Simulator 2, with its similar-to-PUBG action-packed gameplay, has jumped six (!) positions up compared to the previous month. Even though Mr. Gun has lost one tiny point compared to the July report, mobile video game fans still seem to be unable to get enough of polishing their hitman skills.

Special Forces Group 2 is another thrilling action-adventure game on our list. No wonder the title has made it to our charts — they often call it a successful mobile-adapted Counter-Strike clone. Although Special Forces Group 2 is a newbie of this month’s top Google Play Games List occupying its modest third position from the bottom, the overall action-craving tendency among the players is hard to overlook.

With regard to the puzzle games, their popularity seems to be on the slight upswing again. Fruit Puzzle - Link Line has gained three positions in our chart, deliciously occupying the 14th place. As for the Ludo King™ title, it has jumped four positions up. Kudos to the mind-stimulating game lovers! Farm Heroes Saga — an awesome match-three puzzler — has, on the other hand, lost one tiny position and landed on place 13. We’ll blame it on the ‘lucky’ number.

Now, with Birdpapa™ Bubble Crush crowning the top 5 portion and Shoot Bubble - Fruit Splash residing at the bottom, bubble shooters from various developers seem to be all over our chart. Who would’ve thought that shooting bubbles in order to pop them would be so fun and addictive? Well, you won’t understand this major craze over mobile bubble shooters until you actually try them. And there’s more than two of them on this month’s Top Android Games List. So choose the one you like best and give it a shot.

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