Google Play Top Charts in September 2019: Best Games

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Now that the slow summer season is officially over and the busy holiday season is ramping up, we all realize that it’s time to move on — and move fast — at school, at work, on the streets, in our minds… Based on the shifting dynamics within our Top Google Play Titles September chart, the end of what felt like a lazy and quiet summer is definitely here. No need to get upset over it, though. On the contrary, the end of summer has brought a plethora of bubbly beginnings to the horizon of our September chart. Let’s track them down together and make some constructive conclusions along the way.

Rank IconGamePosition Change
1Garena Free Fire best game - Charts Google StoreGarena Free Fire

Garena International I Private Limited

2Birdpapa™ - Bubble Crush best game - Charts Google StoreBirdpapa™ - Bubble Crush

Fun Free Fun

3Subway Surfers best game - Charts Google StoreSubway Surfers


4Unblock Ball - Block Puzzle best game - Charts Google StoreUnblock Ball - Block Puzzle

Fun Free Fun

5Hill Climb Racing 2 best game - Charts Google StoreHill Climb Racing 2


6Block Puzzle Jewel best game - Charts Google StoreBlock Puzzle Jewel

hua wei wei

7Bubble Shooter best game - Charts Google StoreBubble Shooter

Happy Dragon Inc.

8Mobile Legends best game - Charts Google StoreMobile Legends: Bang Bang


9PUBG MOBILE best game - Charts Google StorePUBG MOBILE

Tencent Games

10Brawl Stars best game - Charts Google StoreBrawl Stars


11Dragondodo - Jewel Blast game logoDragondodo - Jewel Blast


12Fruit Puzzle - Link Line best game - Charts Google StoreFruit Puzzle - Link Line

Ms. Q

13Bubble Shooter - Candy Bubble Studio game logoBubble Shooter

Candy Bubble Studio

14Shoot Bubble - Fruit Splash game logoShoot Bubble - Fruit Splash



Tencent Games

16Dunk Shot best game - Charts Google StoreDunk Shot


17Roblox best game - Charts Google StoreRoblox

Roblox Corporation

18Mario Kart Tour game logoMario Kart Tour

Nintendo Co., LTD.

19Bubble Shooter best game - Charts Google StoreBubble Shooter


20Minecraft best game - Charts Google StoreMinecraft



Just like we’ve previously implied, our Top Android Games of the Month fall chart has changed its appearance and demeanor significantly, having jumped on the bandwagon of your rested-and-refreshed early September preferences. What instantly catches the eye is the number of new titles.

Compared to your lazy summer choices, the number of September newbies is outright impressive. It seems like the only thing that hasn’t changed since our last-month chart update is the first position firmly occupied by Garena Free Fire — and the popularity of puzzles and bubble shooters, of course.

Now, following our usual logic, we’ll go into details behind the September chart dynamics. Let’s start with following some basic etiquette rules and introduce the newbies. There’s a multitude of them, each boasting its own gameplay peculiarities, graphics quality, and other unique perks.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is the title that has literally popped up out of nowhere and triumphantly reached the highly tempting eighth position of our September chart. This 5v5 fast-paced MOBA features a wide array of modes, characters, and intense battles. PUBG MOBILE LITE is another new title in this month’s chart.

The original PUBG MOBILE game has lost three positions and currently occupies ninth place in our fall chart. Despite that, the increased popularity of PUBG MOBILE LITE and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang reflects the players’ post-summer desire for speed, change, action, and some adventurous entertainment.

Dragondodo, Roblox, Mario Kart Tour, and Minecraft are other important newbies that have been brought by the autumn’s wind of change, marking video game fans’ September-ish thirst for adventure, exploration, and some dynamic get-cozy and shake-the-cold-off fun.

When it comes to the champion of our September chart, the Garena Free Fire title stably crowns the top of our Best Android Games of the Month list. Something tells us that when it comes to a one of a kind game like this, we all love a good action-packed battle royale irrespective of the season!

The Birdpapa™ bubble shooter has jumped three positions up compared to the previous month, gloriously landing the second position in our September chart. As a matter of fact, despite some insignificant position shifts, it seems that bubble shooters aren’t going down without a massive shootout when it’s about dominating the chart in terms of both proximity to the championship and overall quantity.

Looks like you still like Subway Surfers, Unblock Ball - Block Puzzle, and Hill Climbing Racing 2, the latter title nobly landing the fifth place of our Top Google Play Titles of September chart. It’s likely that Hill Climbing Racing 2 is another game that totally satisfies your September-powered action-adventure itch.

Cutting to the chase, that’s something the month of September has brought over to us avid gaming fans — aside from pumpkin cravings and the need to wear a scarf, of course. Let’s see how things shake out in October. What are your thoughts? Do you think we’ll witness even more changes in our next month’s Best Android Games chart? Comment away, and let’s have fun with predictions prior to laying our hands on some proper post-October analysis.

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