Top 2020 Perks for College Students

Top 2020 Perks for College Students on Freepps Top Blog

Students face loads of challenges in 2020 as the costs continue to grow despite the pandemic raging on. Fortunately, students can qualify for a variety of freebies and significant discounts on popular services and products. You can catch deals by Microsoft, Hulu, Spotify, Amazon Prime, and other services.

If you want more than deals from our listing, we recommend you ask your campus bookstore for discounts on software bundles, apps for college students, and gadgets. Your housing department may also offer you streaming services at no additional costs. Don’t hesitate and check out college student perks below.

Streaming Services

Here’s what you can get from popular streaming services if you’re a student. You can use SheerID or Unidays to validate your student’s email. Some services below let you sign up without validation.

Apple TV Plus & Apple Music

If you sign up for a student’s account on Apple Music for $4.99/month, you can use Apple TV Plus for free. Both services offer loads of high-quality content. In addition, you can save up to 20% on Apple Care warranty and get free AirPods when you buy a Mac for educational purposes.

YouTube Premium

If you want to get ad-free videos, YouTube TV, unlimited music, and exclusives, you can get it for $6.99 instead of $11.99 per month. It’s a great bundle solution if you don’t want to use Spotify or other streaming platforms. Alternatively, you can get YouTube Music for $4.99.

Amazon Music Unlimited

If you have an Amazon Prime Student account (6 months for free, $59/year), you can also get Music Unlimited with over 60 million songs for $0.99. It’s the cheapest music streaming solution so far.

Spotify Premium Plus Hulu and Showtime

Spotify student perks are the most attractive this year. If you are using a Spotify’s student account for $5, you can also use Hulu and Showtime for free. It’s hard to imagine how much entertainment you can get from this crazy bundle. If you’re already on a family plan, check if it would be cheaper for your family to stay on a $14.99 plan.

Money Management Systems

Effective money management can make a student’s life a lot easier. Here are the cheapest services to benefit from it.

You Need a Budget

The service offers loads of useful tools and budgeting lessons for students at no charge for the first 365 days. The next year will cost you $84.

Bank of America

Bank of America Student Banking is now free of charge so that you can use the banking app and ATMs for free without limitations.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Student Checking offers the same benefits as Bank of America, so choose the one that you like more.

Apps & Software

Using popular office software for free or with a 50% off is a great option for any student. Check out your college bookstore for more anyway.

Office 365 Education

If you already have an email address on a school server, you can start using Office 365 Education free of charge. The bundle includes online versions of Microsoft essentials, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Teams.

Evernote Premium

Using a student’s account, you can save 4$ each month during the first year. The second-year price will be $8/month anyway. The discounted account offers full functionary and collaboration features.

Save Up!

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There’s absolutely no reason to neglect these discounts as they’ll make your wallet much safer. Stay tuned to catch more offers as we update this article as soon as they appear. Which perks from the article will you use this college year? We’ll be happy to see your comment, and don’t forget to share these perks with other students!

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