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It’s an established truth that the high technologies have deeply penetrated into all the spheres of our lives. We don’t need a paper map anymore because we have GPS; we don’t have to print photos because we have cloud services, etc. What is more, there is no need to flip dozens of pages of any book in search of something especially when you’re in the kitchen, trying to cook a perfect dish.

As a rule, we take our mobile devices everywhere as a helpful tool and a source of information.

Nowadays, the youth finds it inconvenient to use a paper cookbook as our mothers and grannies have always done. The explanation lies in simplicity and speed of getting the most relevant information. Fortunately, there are a great number of cooking applications designed specifically for mobile devices. And the following ones belong to the Top 3 list of free apps. 


Eat Healthy Even in a Hurry

EatingWell Healthy in a Hurry

Sometimes we have a limited period of time for cooking. This application contains a pack of recipes for dishes to be prepared in less than 45 minutes. The two hundred of quick snacks sorted by various categories are at users’ disposal with the detailed info (ingredients, time for cooking, nutritional info, etc.)


Cooking Guide from the Chefs

Food Network in the Kitchen

Inside this app, one may find a real cooking guide from the professional and famous chefs. Thousands of recipes illustrated by photos and videos are there for your convenience. The new ones are added every month, except for seasonal collections. The extra options are as follows:
importing recipes, cooking timers, creating shopping lists, and unit converters.



This application combines a tutorial for cooking with the help of built-in recipes and a cooking social network. Here you can find recipes for a regular dinner or a special party. Users may search for something via multiple filters (the type of a dish, ingredients, the time required, difficulty of preparation, and so on). The social part consists of participating in forums and commenting on the recipes as well as adding your own ones to the service

As with most apps, if you use them on a regular basis, they become more and more useful. Which one is your pick? Share in comments below!

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    6 years ago
    I waited for Allthecooks for a very long time. I really like it, many useful recipes.
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  • J
    6 years ago
    I've tried the first one, really great recipes. Now I can save some time for my family instead of thinking what to cook.
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