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Top 5 Apps For Your Kids on Freepps Top Blog

Today people become more and more comfortable with the idea of giving children smartphones and tablets to play with as long as it’s not their primary source of entertainment and is used sparingly. 

Obviously, if you decide to give any devices to your kids, you should probably have the apps that are appropriate for their age. What is even better than downloading the apps that are fun to play, is getting the games that can also be educational. 

Here are some of the Android apps that you may find useful while raising your kids.

Animals for Kids

Animal for Kids

This application for kids gives you a perfect opportunity to keep your children busy and teach them about different animals. The app is appropriate for kids who are at least one year or age and up to about four. 

The Animals for Kids app is quite a simple, but you don’t need much to learn the names of the animals. The game uses flashcards that depict the animals and their names, and you can also hear the sound that they make. The game is free, but there is also a paid version if you want to get rid of the advertising.



This excellent app is just what you need if you want your children to start learning languages at an early age. It’s not a secret that kids can pick up the new language quite easily thanks to their ability to memorize things while they’re young. Duolingo had been popular ever since its release several years ago, and it continues to be widely used by the parents. 

This application offers a fun way of learning the language with the help of mini-games that enable children to understand new words. Duolingo is suitable for adults and children, so you can learn a language as well. 

First Words for Baby

First Words for Baby

Another excellent language learning app is First Words for Baby, which can be used to expand the vocabulary of your child. The app is recommended for kids aged one to five, which is the time when children soak up new words like a sponge. 

The app offers more than a hundred words that are displayed to the children in the form of interactive games. Moreover, English is not the only language that you get as there are more than 15 available, which is a definite bonus. 

The majority of kids are able to play this game on their own, so if you want to get something done while your child is playing, you should definitely try out this app.

Kids Doodle

Kids Doodle

Most children like drawing and playing with different colors, but it’s not always possible to bring all the drawing essentials with you wherever you go. The Kids Doodle app can help you entertain your child during any trip. The app features bright colors on a black background, which really makes them stand out. 

Kids Doodle includes 24 brushes, including a crayon option, and children can draw anything they desire and save their drawings if they want to finish them later. Moreover, there is even a possibility of creating a slideshow with the drawings, which is also something that your children will enjoy.

Youtube Kids

YouTube Kids App

As you know, there are millions of videos currently available on YouTube, but not all of them are appropriate for children. The YouTube Kids app has been created with the intention of separating adult videos from the children content. There are a variety of videos available that are entertaining or educational in their nature, so all parents can find something for their children to watch. 

You can also give a device to your child and let him or her choose a video without worrying that they may stumble upon something inappropriate. Also, Chromecast support of YouTube Kids allows you to watch the videos on the big screen of your TV.

Use Them Wisely

The mentioned apps cover a variety of activities from drawing to learning new languages, so you can find something that you kid will enjoy. Depending on your child’s mood, situation, or time of the day, you can select an app that will be educational or purely entertaining. 

Such apps are especially useful when you have to travel somewhere or wait in line for a long time, and you don’t want your child to become bored and cranky.

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    This is a very useful application for children. It helps children to evolve and think creatively . Thank you for the article
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    My child is in awe of the game in these applications! I'm glad to see him so happy. Thanks the developer!
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    Excellent! I am glad that my child will play exciting and educational games. Thanks to the developer!
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