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Kahoot is an innovative app that provides teachers all over the world with all kinds of exciting tools to make their lessons more interesting. The app features a variety of instruments that allow teachers to create interactive problems their students can solve in the classroom or at home. Kahoot makes it all as simple as possible, and all you only need your smartphone to participate. However, now there are lots of Kahoot alternatives that have their own unique features. That's why we've compiled this list of similar apps that you should definitely check out if you enjoy using Kahoot. Let's look at them.

5. Quizlet

quizlet screenshot

Quizlet feels a lot like Kahoot itself – even the design of the app feels familiar. However, that's not a bad thing at all since it has its own interesting features that allow teachers to create elaborate virtual quizzes for their students. These quizzes can be very simple, but there are enough instruments for an outstanding task like creating a colorful quiz for children or a complex exam for university students, so there's really no problem Quizlet can't help you solve.

For a student, using Quizlet is also very easy. Just run the app and log in – and you can start solving available quizzes right away. The interface allows you to browse your assignments easily, but there is also a search option that helps you find other tests you may like as well. And if you start feeling a little bit lonely, there's always an option called Quizlet Live. This learning mode connects you with other students, so you can communicate and learn together.

4. Aurasma

aurasma screenshot

Aurasma is an educational app that makes full use of innovative augmented reality technologies. So if your students are really into new technologies (and most of them are), this app will help you with making them more interested in your lectures. Basically, this app turns your smartphone into a sort of scanner that analyzes the environment, allowing you to see hidden objects and information. So, now you can create complex puzzles and quizzes for your students to solve out of thin air.

The process of creating such a puzzle is simple. First, you need to choose an object that will serve as an anchor for your augmented reality objects. Take a photo of that object and add a text or just some random message. Your students will then be able to see that message simply by scanning that object with their phones with Aurasma working. This simple feature revolutionizes the way you work with your students, allowing you to invent all kinds of engaging activities that make learning fun without a lot of effort.

3. Photomath

Photomath screenshot

Educational apps like Kahoot are intended to make even the most complicated subjects seem a little more approachable – and for the majority of students, there's nothing more complicated and obscure than math. While there are literally thousands of different apps that help you solve a wide variety of math problems, this niche lacks apps that would explain these problems and teach you how to solve them yourself. And that's why Photomath is so outstanding – it helps you understand math.

This app features a powerful scanner that allows you to take a photo of a math problem – and it will be solved in a matter of seconds. Moreover, Photomath will provide you with a detailed explanation for solving that particular type of problems, so you can really learn. And if you just want to discover more different problems, you can browse the database that features thousands of them. However, it's equally useful for a teacher, too. Now you can introduce problems to your students and then leave it to Photomath to provide additional examples and detailed explanation.

2. BookWidgets

BookWidgets screenshot

BookWidgets is an interactive learning app that allows you to create fun exercises for your students using a variety of built-in tools and templates. While that doesn't sound like a unique concept, what really sets BookWidgets apart from similar apps is the sheer amount of options. You can create very complex tasks yourself, or you can browse a catalog of tasks made by other users. It means you can share your experience with others – or borrow someone else's work quickly.

Actually, you don't need to create anything. The app can be used as a huge library of quizzes, games and other interactive activities for your students. However, it really pays off to make your own tests, and there are lots of different formats for you to choose from, ranging from simple quizzes to games and crossword puzzles. It doesn't matter what subject you want to explain, BookWidgets has at least a couple of instruments just for you.

1. Google Classroom

Google Classroom screenshot

Google Classroom is not an educational app – it doesn't feature any lessons or exercises, and there's no way you can create them. Instead, it serves as a powerful and flexible tool to track your students' progress in other educational apps, including Kahoot itself. As a teacher, you can use Classroom for creating complex lessons that can be assigned to a group of students or any student individually, and these lessons can include various information on your subject, including notes, pictures, and so on.

What's really great about Google Classroom is that it allows you to keep everything related to your work in one place, and you can use the update option and the built-in chat to communicate with any group of your students quickly and privately. You can use it to assign homework, comment on some work of one of your students, or just to share an important note. And it's designed to work with apps like BookWidgets or Kahoot, so you don't need to invent anything. Just add the apps you want, and give assignments to your students easily.

Other Options

We've covered only the most important and popular educational apps, but there's more of them out there. While some of these apps are similar to Kahoot, others have unique features that can help you make your lessons more interesting. So if you know another educational app that's really useful, do not hesitate to share it with us in the comment section.

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