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Being fluent in languages is a necessary part of our lives today. Be it a rote learning, a gap year abroad, a vacation, a business trip, a simple curiosity or any other reason, we can’t avoid linguistic confusion while communicating with a foreign language speaker. This is where we need an assistant to cope with a comprehension gap. 

In fact, pocket dictionaries and phrasebooks may help in a very limited number of situations, such as asking for the right direction or understanding a separate word-combination. Fortunately, our mobile devices are right here with apps installed for various translation purposes. Below you’ll find 5 Android apps available at no cost. 

PONS: Perfect Online Dictionary

PONS Online Dictionary and Text Translation

In case you need a powerful dictionary to translate separate words, you should pay your attention to PONS. The app displays profound and comprehensive definitions of the words you are interested in. Moreover, you’ll be provided with country-specific information and the right style of usage. It also offers the following:

  • Support of 36 languages for machine translation;
  • Over 12 million words in 14 languages;
  • Search history;
  • List of favorite words, also available offline;
  • Audio pronunciation;
  • Voice input.

Although its textual translation is very rough and basic, PONS Dictionary is very good in lexics, especially paired with PONS Vocabulary Trainer, also free of charge. With a built-in technology, you can easily transfer words from the Dictionary to the Trainer to learn and practice them later. 

Translate Voice: Advanced Voice Recognizer

Translate Voice App Screenshots

Translate Voice is supposed to accomplish an almost perfect recognition of the voice input. It’s especially helpful in the situations when typing is impossible or inconvenient; though, you have to manage some language barrier. The app is capable of translating over 80 languages and supports the voice input in 44 languages. Translate Voice is free but it supports ads.

It works this way: you utter into the phone’s microphone, choose the target language, and get your translation. Then you can tap on the audio pronunciation and let another person listen or just try to reproduce the text on your own.

What’s more, the app corrects your spelling, suggests words, saves the history of translations, and allows to share them via email, text message, or any other application of your preference. 

iTranslate: Simple, Fast, Accurate

iTranslate Algorithm of Actions

Separate words, phrases, and even whole texts in over 90 languages won’t be a problem for you anymore if you use iTranslate. It’s very functional, easy-to-use and optimized for quick text input with word suggestion. For instance, a simple swiping gesture allows you to copy the text and translate it quickly. 

Furthermore, iTranslate transforms non-Latin languages into Latin characters. Interesting words or phrases may be saved to favorites for further revision, even without the Internet connection. You can keep your cool calm about pronunciation as the app will utter everything for you aloud. 

There is also the $5 Premium version which lets you use the voice input for translation and remove ads. Still, the basic app is fast and functional, too.

Microsoft Translator: Forget about the Internet Connection

Microsoft Translator App Design

The two participants of the conversation may speak their native languages - from the 50+ supported  by the next app in our list - and be easily understood with the help of Microsoft Translator, one of the Google Translate’s toughest rivals. You can even use the app on your smartwatch as an additional tool for a more natural communication. Otherwise, the app will display the translated text in a full-screen mode, which then may be shown to a conversation partner. 

Besides, thanks to the latest update, you can now use Translator offline; though, you’ll need to download the free language packages first. They claim to be almost as “full” as the online resources. At the present moment, it’s possible for 9 languages only, but the developers promise to add new ones soon as well as the image recognition option.

Google Translate: Universal Translation App

The last contestant is definitely well-known. Google Translate may be used for any cross-language needs and purposes. Textual translation is possible to fulfill for 103 languages now or 99% of the online population, while the two-way voice recognition is limited to 40. Moreover, it permits handwriting with your fingers as a way of text input. 

Perhaps, one of the coolest features of this app is instant translation via your device’s camera. Google Translate recognizes various warning signs, street names, transportation schedules or menus and immediately translate them into the language of your choice. This feature currently supports 26 languages. Anyway, you can just take a photo of an unsupported language abstract and then translate it within the app.

The app was also the first to support offline mode via downloading language packs. Of course, they’re not as comprehensive as the online ones, but these packs are more numerous than Microsoft’s with about 50 of them.

Final Words

Be aware that even though translation apps can give you an instant answer to your request, the prevailing majority of them aren’t able to work without the Internet connection. Still, they are almost indispensable for breaking the unwanted and inconvenient language barriers. 

Do you use such apps on a regular basis? Which one is the best in your opinion? Share this with us in the comments. 

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    5 years ago
    This is good, cause I am a student and I really need good translation app in my phone. iTranslate, I think, is the best, It's very quick and correct.
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  • H
    5 years ago
    I use Google Translate, it's my favorite one, I've tried a few other, but it's the most reliable.
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