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Gardening can be an extremely rewarding activity, so it’s not surprising that a lot of people prefer growing their own fruit and vegetables instead of purchasing them in the grocery stores. Growing beautiful flowers and plants is also a pleasurable process, which makes your place truly feel like home where you want to spend your time with friends and family. If you are serious about gardening, you will definitely have to remember a lot of things and learn different tricks along the way. The apps that we offer in this article will help you enjoy your hobby even more.

1. Garden Answers Plant Identification

Clear descriptions and images of different plants in the Garden Answers app

Garden Answers is an app created to identify more than 20,000 different plants and provide you with the precise information about them. All you have to do to get the details is take a picture of the plant, tap submit, and you will get an accurate description almost instantly. The app can become incredibly useful if you’re just walking somewhere and notice a beautiful plant that you want to purchase for yourself but don’t know how it’s called. You can save the images that you like the most using the Favorites tab, and also enter keywords to search through an extensive database and find out more information.

2. Life

 A great number of plants arranged according to categories within the Life app

Gardening requires a systematic and regular approach, but it’s quite easy to forget what to do and when, so it’s much better if you take notes of everything. With the help of the Life app, you are able to organize all the necessary information easily and quickly. Whether you want to remember when you have to water the flowers, sprout the plants or cut the grass, this application will certainly be useful. You can also use it to organize the plants that you have in your garden using icons, names, and even ratings so that you know if you want to repurchase them again. Moreover, the app offers you instant weather updates, which is extremely important and can influence your schedule.

3.  MyGarden

A welcoming community of people in the MyGarden app

Nowadays, everyone interested in anything can find a community of like-minded people. MyGarden is a social networking app for those interested in gardening, so if you ever felt like no one understands your hobby, you should definitely try out this application. With MyGarden you get an opportunity to monitor the tasks that you need to finish, track the progress of your plants, and share it with friends that also use this app. You can also easily send photos of the plants to each other. 

4. Gardening Reference Guide

 Everything you need to know about your plants in Gardening Reference Guide

There are thousands of plants that you can grow in your garden and remembering all of them is absolutely unrealistic. Using Gardening Reference Guide you can easily access all the information you need in one place, including the names, climate, light, water, and soil requirements, and a lot more. You can organize the plants that you find according to different categories for maximum convenience. Overall, it’s a simple and user-friendly app that will come in handy to anyone interested in gardening.

5. Homegrown

A large number of useful gardening features in the Homegrown app

Whether you know nothing about gardening or you already have some experience, Homegrown is an app that is worthy of your attention. The application has a number of features to make your life as a gardener a lot easier. In the app, you will find weather forecasts and series of gardening guides to learn more useful tips. Also, you get an opportunity to take photos and notes, and even share them on the social networks. You can use the app to create a list of the herbs, vegetables, and plants that you already have in your garden or find new ones in the database. Homegrown is an app that has everything you need for a successful gardening experience.

6. Garden Time Planner

Useful Garden Time Planner features to remember your tasks

The Garden Time Planner is an excellent application that will help you know exactly when you should do various gardening tasks, such as transplanting, sowing, harvesting, and more. The app provides you with the local weather details, a large database of plants, and even links to useful gardening videos if you feel like you can use some help. Once you do a certain task you can check it off in the created list so that you always know what you have done and what to do next. Garden Time Planner is a great app for staying organized while taking care of the garden.

Become a pro gardener with the help of these apps

If you approach it correctly, gardening can be a pleasant and peaceful experience that will help you take your mind off work while doing something useful. It’s always nice when you can grow your own vegetables and fruit and know where they come from. The apps on the list can easily be used whether you’re an experienced gardener or someone who is just starting out. You can browse through the databases to learn more about different plants and keep track of everything you need to do in your garden. The apps are extremely easy to use and will definitely be helpful. 

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