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If you are reading this article, we are almost 100% sure that you have an Instagram account. No, we are not the witches. Today Instagram is one of the most used social media networks. The idea behind it is very simple: people share their photos with friends. Although Instagram is the most used app, there are a lot of other Instagram alternatives with a large audience. The information described below will be useful for developers who want to build apps like Instagram or for marketers who try to find new ways of promoting their products. Here are the best 7 photo sharing apps.


Snapchat application screenshots

For whom: people who like temporary content and filters

In fact, Snapchat is the most known of Instagram’s competitors. The number of daily active users is almost 200 million users. They post around 3 billion snaps every day. The main difference from Instagram is that all the content you create (photos, videos, stories) are temporary, meaning that it is automatically removed from your profile after all followers view them. In the case of stories, there is 24h. Snapchat is full of fun filters and masks.


Flickr application screenshots

For whom: people who need a place to store high-resolution images

With Flickr, you can store your photos like on the cloud storage. In addition to it, people have the option to share their content to the public, comment photos, and subscribe to the most interesting profiles. Of course, the app is not as active and vibrant as Instagram is, but the main advantage is that you can upload photos in full resolution.


Imgur application screenshots

For whom: people who like funny content

If you are looking for Instagram alternatives, do not miss Imgur. Unlike Instagram, it focuses more on discovering funny content than posting personal videos or photos. Another difference is that people want to share their entertaining content with the whole Imgur or even Internet community rather than with a limited number of followers. Interesting fact: this social network supports GIF format.


PixelFed application screenshot

For whom: people who look for an open source and ad-free app

For all people who support open sources, PixelFed could be the best alternative to Instagram. It is a federated social image platform where the timelines are properly ordered. Moreover, PixelFed is ad-free and does not use third-party analytics or tracking. Like in Instagram, you can explore new content creators and use optional filters.


500px application screenshots

For whom: photographers

500px is more focused on the photography community. Moreover, the app is even older than other apps like Instagram. It was developed in 2003 in Canada, and now has more than 15 million users from 195 countries. Enjoy it and discover about 120 million images posted every day.


VSCO application screenshots

For whom: people who like photo editing

A lot of users know VSCO as a place where you can edit the photos, add filters or adjust other settings to share it later on Instagram. But the truth is that the app has a large community, so you can post your photos here, discover other interesting creators, and open the world of unusual editing opportunities.


Ello application screenshots

For whom: creators

Ello was created like an alternative to Instagram with one difference: it would be the app without ads. Later, Ello became the marketplace for the world’s creators where they can discover interesting images and sell their work. As the app developers said: ‘Ello is dedicated to creative excellence’.

What Instagram alternatives you like the most?

As you can see, there are a lot of Instagram-like apps available on the market. Share with us which one you like the most and want to download? Maybe, we have something missed. In this case, write other alternatives in the comments.

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