Top 8 Best Bubble Shooting Games of 2019

Top 8 Best Bubble Shooting Games of 2019 on Freepps Top Blog

You have some time to kill, but you don’t want to wear down the battery on your smartphone or download any bloatware to your PC. One of the super fun free bubble shooting games published below will definitely help you pass the time and have a blast along the way. 

So, are you ready for a bubbly ride? Buckle up and play bubble shooter games from the selection below. Some of them will definitely tickle your fancy! Don’t forget to share your impressions from the titles provided in this post in the comment section below. 

And one last thing before we switch to our Top 8 Best Bubble Shooters list. Keep in mind that at our website, you can read descriptions and reviews about the majority of games from today’s post. Even if you haven’t tried a particular bubble shooter before, will help you make the right choice!

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter: Charming & Addictive

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter screenshot

If you’re captivated by the Angry Birds phenomenon, you’re welcome to try this wonderful bubble shooter. Enjoy matching and popping vibrant-colored bubbles in nearly 2000 enjoyable challenges. Go ahead and join the flock in this awesome bubble shooting adventure. Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter is super fun, addictive, and rewarding! 

Balls Bricks Breaker: Sit Back, Relax, and Play!

Balls Bricks Breaker screenshot

This game is perfect if you just want to relax and keep yourself occupied with some stress-releasing online gaming entertainment. Be prepared to engage in active brick breaking while playing this pretty straightforward title. No worries. It’s easy to pick up and play, so you’ll intuitively get to grips with the mechanics as soon as you launch Balls Brick Breaker.

Bubble Witch 2 Saga: Fun & Polished Puzzler

Bubble Witch 2 Saga screenshot

As of today, Bubble Witch 2 Saga is probably among the most sought after bubble shooters on Google Play. Even though the game doesn’t differ much from other bubble shooters in terms of gameplay and mechanics, its graphics, sounds, and overall performance are so brilliant that it makes Bubble Witch 2 Saga stand out from the rest games of this genre. The game is free to play, but there are in-game purchases.

Smurfs Bubble Shooter Story: Simple, Physics-Based Puzzler

Smurfs Bubble Shooter Story screenshots

If you grew up watching Smurfs cartoons, you might like this particular bubble shoot game — simply because it features your favorite characters! At first, this title is exceptionally easy to pick up: just fire away your bubbles to make the same colored bubbles erase, and that’s about it. However, upon progressing, you will feel that some of the levels get challenging and time-consuming. That’s exactly what you need, right?

Panda Pop: Enjoy Playing with Pandas

panda pop screenshot

In Panda Pop, you will have a blast popping bubbles and saving cute baby pandas along the way. This exciting bubble shooter features nearly 3,000 levels — imagine that! Furthermore, Panda Pop offers various levels of difficulty, which means that it’s always fun to play. Sure, this game doesn’t reinvent the genre or anything like that. But don’t you think saving baby pandas is a nice thing to do?

Bubble Mania: Sleek Gameplay Plus Superb Graphics

bubble mania screenshots

In this wonderful over-700-level bubble shooter, you will enjoy popping bubbles and saving cute baby cats along the way. The game puts your patience through its paces but is bright-colored and fun enough for you to enjoy it. A lot of bubble game fans say that Bubble Mania is among the most polished bubble poppers out there.

Bubble Blaze: Over 200 Levels of Fun

bubble blaze screenshot

Yes, this bubble shooting game features nearly 300 levels already — and the number continues to increase! While making the most of Bubble Blaze, you will help the main character and his dragon buddies defeat the enemy and bring back the stolen eggs. Not much innovation in this bubble shooter either, but its cute visuals and exciting mechanics will absolutely take your breath away.

Bunny Pop: Shoot Bubbles, Save Bunnies

bunny pop bubble shooter screenshot

Bunny Pop is a free-to-play bubble shooter game where you will enjoy shooting bubbles at evil wolves who have captured the baby bunnies. Excellent graphics of the game are sure to please your eye, while the gameplay will keep you coming back for more Bunny Pop fun.

Play Bubble Shooter  — Have Some Fun

Did you know that bubble shooters are currently some of the most popular mobile games among Android and iOS fans? Well, they are, and our Top Google Play Titles of September chart is the living proof of this. If you like a good puzzle game that’s different (and more exciting) than Tetris, opt for some bubble shooter full screen entertainment. 

Perhaps, you’ve already tried one or a few bubble shooters we’ve shared in this post? How did you like them? Which one is your all-time favorite? Feel free to make the best out of the comment box below and join the discussion with your fellow bubble shooter fans from our community. We highly appreciate our readers’ thoughts and reviews.

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