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As the days grow longer, the sun rises earlier, and the sound of children playing echoes through your window, the signs are clear – summer is coming. Whether you like the heat or not, there is no denying that summer is a unique time when we get a lot more freedom and time to do the things we like. 

The warm days also open new possibilities for us, like tanning on a beach, going to pool parties, and wearing the most comfortable clothes. You don’t need a mobile device or any kind of sophisticated technology to enjoy summer days, but they do help.

Today, we can use thousands of specialized apps to make summer activities more accessible, enjoyable, convenient, and practical. If you own an Android device and want to prepare for the summer beforehand, you can check these great apps out and find the ones that match your plans and potential activities for the special season.

The Weather Channel

 Keeping track of weather changes is easy with The Weather Channel

While summer events can be a lot of fun, they usually require lots of planning. Apart from buying goods, inviting friends, and preparing a nice setup any good planner and participant should take the weather into account. 

A sudden bout of rain can ruin even the most meticulously planned party while more severe weather can even put people’s lives at risk. Even if you don’t have a large party planned and simply plan on being outside, you should keep track of the weather, and this is where this app comes in. 

The Weather Channel app lets you see the weather forecast for the current day and many days ahead. It provides details on humidity, wind speed, temperature, a chance of rain, and many other factors that will be helpful in your planning. Furthermore, you can see the weather in different places, and plan your travels accordingly.

Spotify Music

Enjoying music with Spotify is a blast!

Summer is associated with many things, but music is always essential for memorable social gatherings and activities. It is also the time when many hits and pop songs emerge, quickly growing popular and bringing energy to even the most casual events. 

Spotify is a music app that makes it easy to listen to the greatest hits of the summer, as well as any other music to your liking. Apart from top trending lists and genre-based billboards, you can see recommendations and assorted playlists, play all these melodies to your heart’s satisfaction. 

On Spotify, you can also see new albums, read information about artists and their work, and put on an endless playlist while you enjoy yourself on the beach.


 All the greatest food establishments nearby are listed by Yelp

Yelp may be an app that people use year-round, but it is especially popular in the summer. To get away from the heat or enjoy an evening in a warm and comfortable setting, many people like to visit new cafes, restaurants, and eating joints. 

There is no feeling quite like sitting in an air-conditioned hall with a delicious meal while the pavement outside melts, and sitting in an enclosed terrace with a cool breeze in your face is just as enjoyable.

You can find establishments like these and more with Yelp. The application helps you find restaurants, leave reviews, and search based on categories and establishment types.

National Parks by Chimani

Traversing beautiful natural parks is easy with the National Parks app

While some people like to spend their summer vacations lounging around and relaxing, others take a more active approach. Summer is a great time to travel, and if you cannot afford flying to other countries, visiting the natural parks in your region can be just as inspiring. 

The National Parks app helps find the closest and finest parks to visit. If you want to learn more about a park, its monuments, trails, and sights, you can look through photos and read guides. 

The national parks app will help you plan a superb trip to the great outdoors and make it a memorable one for everyone involved.

Runtastic Running & Fitness

: Daily jogging made easy with the Runtastic app

The warm days signaling the approach of summer serve as a warning for many. This is a great time to get bikini ready and drop the beer belly you’ve been carrying around. Even if you’re in relatively good shape, summer is the best time to look and get fit. 

Runtastic is a fitness app focused on many different types of athletic activities, though it is best suited for jogging. Runtastic lets you measure the distance you run, how fast you move, and determine certain health tendencies. 

If you want to exercise and see progress in a comprehensible form, this is the app you need. If you want to more detailed health results, you can attach a heart rate monitor and later watch graphs and analyses of your heart’s activity. 

Apart from basic options, Runtastic also lets you integrate music and social elements into your workout experience.


A giant collection of entertainment features from Netflix

This is an app many people are familiar with, and it’s not hard to see why summer is a great time to use Netflix. If you feel lazy or lack the opportunity to do something outside, you can always stay in and enjoy a good film or TV show. Many of the shows on Netflix have to be binge watched, and there is no better time for this activity than during the summer. 

Getting hooked on a new show in the middle of a work week can be dangerous as the pull to watch more can take away from productivity, but this is rarely a problem in the summer. 

Whenever your plans fall through or you choose to spend the day indoors, Netflix will always provide you with a rich offering of entertainment. You can choose from thousands of shows and movies, documentaries, and other video types.

Make the most of your summer!

These are but a few apps that will get you through the summer with some great experiences and meaningful memories. Some of the apps listed appeal to one personality type, while some appeal to others. 

What unites them is that they are all practical in their purpose and perfectly suited for this special season. Having a great summer does not require flying halfway across the globe or throwing a massive party. 

In fact, just by installing and making use of a few apps on your mobile device, you can make your summer one to remember.

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    5 years ago
    National Parks saved my weekend! I've been trying to go out with a baby for something like eternity and it has always been difficult to find time for making a trip plan. Not a problem any more. Now I can make couple of such plans while going down on elevator.
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    5 years ago
    I use Netflix all the time, love it sooo much, great app! Really easy to use, comfortable to watch films in it.
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    Thanks for good apps! I always use spotify, great app :) I think Runtastic will be helpful for me.
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