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One more winter holiday is getting closer to us - a day of love - St. Valentine’s Day. As a rule, it’s full of red color, hearts, sweets, romantic songs, etc. People are fussing around in search of a perfect gift, starting from a teddy bear or flowers and ending with jewelry items and electronic gadgets of different ranges.

Though, mobile app developers have also worked hard to help us vary this day by doing it special and memorable. So, you can either spend a couple of hours in search of something interesting within the app stores or just check the list of Valentine's Day applications with lots of holiday ideas we’ve made for you. Some of them are the OS-featured, while others are compatible with both iPhones and Android smartphones. 

Create the Holiday Atmosphere with Your iPhone

Love Wallpapers iOS App

Love Wallpapers offers you to be in a good humor the very next moment after awakening and checking your phone. The app contains hundreds of beautiful HD thematic wallpapers and backgrounds, which may be even customized via editing tools. They are divided into categories, so that it’s easier to find something personally for your taste. Moreover, there you’ll find lots of themed ringtones and songs. 

Romantic Card Maker

Romantic Card Maker: Mobile Photo Editor

Romantic Card Maker helps design your own Valentine card for your beloved ones, selecting backgrounds, borders, designer elements, and adding romantic words and greetings. But the app is much more than just a card maker - it shows the time left for the Valentine's Day, has more than a thousand of romantic ringtones as well as a whole collection of romantic SMS, and offers to share your creations via social networks. 

St. Valentine’s Love Horoscope

St. Valentine Love Horoscope Screenshots

St. Valentine’s Love Horoscope app will show you a compatibility with your half and a lot of other predictions for your couple, if you believe in such things, of course. Anyway, remember that all the Horoscope content is for fun mainly, so don’t be upset, if you find something a bit disappointing about your relationships. There are also a lot of other horoscopes including a daily one inside the app, but they’re available via additional in-app purchases. 

Love Quiz! 

Love Quiz! iOS App Features

Love Quiz! may become one more entertainment after checking the horoscope. This quiz should be solved both by you and your mate. In result, you’ll be able to estimate how much you know about one another. It works in such a way: one of the pair answers the question and the other tries to guess what was his/her answer. Some questions may reveal your partner’s hidden facets and the strength of your relations. Though, in general, you’ll definitely have a lot of fun. 

Daily Love Quotes

Daily Love Quotes Notification Screenshot

Daily Love Quotes allow to prolong the feeling of this special day. This app will send you one inspirational love quote from the movies every day. You can either select or even customize a background picture or photo for these quotes. One may set the time or period of a day when you’ll get new quotes. After getting a new quote, there options for saving or immediate sharing it with your beloved ones or friends. Then you may follow a link for watching the movie information.

Arrange the Best Valentine Day with These Android Apps

Valentine Android App by Sony

A brand-new Valentine app by Sony will help capture the most memorable moments of this day. It is an augmented reality application with plenty of overlay effects or filters. The Sony’s face recognition technology lies in the basis of Valentine, that allows to decorate people on a photo with various effects. You may edit these 3D objects by changing or relocating them. These filters aren’t so diverse in number and are rather basic ones, but they will definitely provide you will lots of fun at no costs. The one very important requirement is Sony’s AR camera app of v.3.3+ installed on your device. 

Real Love Test Calculator

Real Love Test Calculator Key Features

Real Love Test Calculator offers to examine the couple’s compatibility and the strength of their relationships. There are several tests to try: photo match, birth dates and names compatibility, heartbeat measure, and finger scanner. The final test results will be shown in percentages and may be shared with friends or our sweethearts via popular social nets. However, we warn you not to take all of this too serious, because the results are generated for fun only.

Between: Private Couples App 

Between Private Couples App Screenshots

This app is one of the best mobile services for two loving people for sharing their precious intimate and romantic moments. Moreover, the app is an essential part of all the long-distance relationships. It’s absolutely safe, and no one else will be able to see the content shared due to a password protection. Between contains a calendar for noting the couple’s most significant dates without leaving even a chance to forget about someone’s birthday or mutual anniversary. You may also chat in a private dialog with specially-designed love stickers. What’s more, there one will find lots of ideas for charming a partner. 

Lovedays: D-Day for Couples 

Valentine's Day for Couples User Interface

This app is somewhat similar to the previous one but with its own peculiarities. The app allows to track the total amount of days spent together with your soulmate or to know exactly how many days have passed since your first romantic weekend in the mountains, etc. It’s a great counter and reminder of upcoming special events for two people. You may also enjoy three different customizable and nice-looking app widgets. Furthermore, if you download it in the near future, you’ll get a 50% discount for removing the ads. 

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare Gaming App

Truth or Dare is a funny game for couples and even the whole group of people, who want to spend a good time in a great mood. This classic and simple game allows you to get to know your closest people better. Players can either create tasks by themselves or choose from dozens ready-to-use funny and challenging ideas, preloaded by the developers. To make the gaming process more intriguing, you may also turn on the Adult Mode if the modes for children and teenagers seems to be too easy and boring for you. Be aware of the fact that you may fall for it and spend the whole evening by offering Truth or Dares. 

Crossplatform Apps

Lets Meetup Setting An Event Date

Let's Meetup will become helpful for all those who stay alone on this Valentine's Day but don’t want to sit at home at and watch TV only. To join the party, you should choose a category of your interest first, for example, some sports, language clubs, etc. Then you’ll be able to find people who share your hobby or interest preferences and meet them somewhere. Besides, there is a great chance to see there someone very special and start closer communication with him or her. Anyway, you will be able to have a lot of fun with interesting personalities on this day and later on.


Couple App Main Features

The Couple app provides pairs of lovers to stay in touch, even while being far away from each other. Using a shared calendar and to-do lists, they can make plans for a day, interact in a real-time mode, share photos and hand-made sketches, initiate “thumb kisses”, etc. The app works like a real love bridge for couples who are miles away on this Valentine's Day. Create the whole history of your special moments, send Secrets - disappearing photos, play games together and simultaneously, share your current locations, and do even more things together via this app. 


ProFlowers App for Gifts

ProFlowers fits both for a last-minute gifts and for actions of love planned in advance. The idea is that one can easily order a beautiful bouquet of flowers for his beloved person just on the go, using only his smartphone and this app installed. You may choose among various fresh flowers and decorations. The chosen bouquet will be delivered to an addressee just the next day together with a personalized card and a free-of-charge vase. The whole process takes only a few minutes, but the emotions caused by such a floral gift will be remembered for a long time.

Valentine RADIO

Valentine RADIO List of Stations

Valentine RADIO may become the last element in your holiday preparations puzzle. This mobile app will give you access to more than 40 radio stations with the romantic music of different genres. It’s well-designed and absolutely free. The newly-added stations logos allow to find the station you need very quickly. Besides, the music can be played either via WiFi or cellular networks. So, you’ll be able to create a romantic and intimate atmosphere wherever you like. 


Pic Collage Editing App Screenshots

Do not forget about Pic Collage, the app to make the memorable and original photo memories of the St. Valentine Day. If you’re an active Instagram user, you’ll definitely fall in love with this app. It’s an advanced photo editor, which allows to combine different kinds of media files - photos and videos, nice fonts and cool stickers, beautiful backgrounds and easy-to-use templates, etc. Pic Collage is awesome by functionality and user-friendly by the navigation and UI.

The Bottom Line

Of course, if you are creative enough and know your beloved one’s preferences, you can forget about gadgets at all and spend this day with each other only. However, the aforementioned applications will definitely add a flavor to the celebration. Anyway, you’ll get an abundance of holiday ideas for the possible changing of plans thanks to these free mobile helpers. So, give a chance, at least, for a couple of them. Just in case. 

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